Earn “Bloody Coins” during Midsummer Fire Festival

That’s right, everyone’s favorite summer holiday is coming up. No, it’s not the 4th of July. It’s Warcraft’s own Midsummer Fire Festival. It hit June 21st in game, and goes thru July 4th. This is the time where you can earn several achievements for “What A Long Strange Trip it’s Been”. In addition to that, you can earn Bloody Coins.

Midsummer Fire fallout

Midsummer days of yore.

In case you forgot, or started playing after Timeless Isle, Bloody Coins were introduced when Timeless Isle went live. It’s a currency for getting a Killing Blow while using Fire Watchers Oath.

Midsummer is the time when opposite faction players will spill into the main towns in order to “steal” your factions flame. This leads to King of the Fire Festival achievement. (and awards good XP too!). If you are collecting coins for any of the various rewards (including a mount) you can hole up in one of your favorite faction capitals and try your best to collect them.

I’m purposely holding this post off a couple days to give those astute folks a fair shot at stealing those flames without having people open season on them.

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