Walking Dead Weekly: 6 Seasons, 6 Sundays Marathon starts July 3rd

This is a great time for those of you who want to start watching The Walking Dead, but feel there is too much to watch. Over the next 6 Sundays, AMC will air each season in it’s entirety. Still too much to watch? Record them, and watch them over the week!

Season 1 will air at 7am EDT (6 Central) and 1pm EDT (12pm Central) on July 3rd. This comes at a great time for me since Game of Thrones just ended. I now have something to fill it’s spot for a few weeks. By that time, NFL preseason will have started, and Fear The Walking Dead will be two weeks away.

So, get your zombie on during the long holiday weekend!

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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly: 6 Seasons, 6 Sundays Marathon starts July 3rd

  1. John Patrick says:

    Six seasons in six Sundays? YES!
    I think that is an excellent way for “the uninitiated” to get into the mindset and the world of “The Walking Dead”. I’m not a binge-watcher, so I’d recommend people TiVo (or DVR) each Sunday, and watch them at your own pace.

    I’m tempted to re-read my graphic novel collection and re-watch season 6 to get pumped up for Negan’s arrival. I honestly do not know who Negan killed on the show. I know the odds are between Abraham and Glenn. When comparing novels to TV, both of those characters have “outlived” their original story arcs. I say that with air quotes, since the events of the novels diverge from the show. Not a criticism – as I really enjoy the storytelling in that world.

    Now, the hard part is making room on my TiVo’s hard drive. “First-World problems…” 🙂

    • oxxo910 says:

      Totally agree with you, and am equally as excited. This is the perfect way for those fans who were “on the fence” about getting into TWD.
      As far as who Negan killed, I would rank it like this: Glenn, Abraham, Sasha, anyone else. I don’t think it is Rick or Carl, because of the dialog right before. I also don’t think it is Maggie, because she has a lot more story left. Glenn makes the most sense, because of the comic and it would also let Maggie’s story develop.
      Have you been watching Fear The Walking Dead? After a slow start, it has rounded into a solid show of it’s own.
      Thanks for the comment!

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