A little American rock for your holiday weekend

This weekend we celebrate America’s independence. So why not celebrate with a little American rock? Whether you are inside, or outside, crank up your PC and enjoy some of these American classics!

Born in the USA– I have to start it off with this one. You can be the judge if this is pro or anti-America. It’s a damn good song regardless of political message.

Miss America– A great song by a great American band (Styx). This one also might be a little controversial. I promise this is not some underlying (or overlying) topic.

Rockin’ in the free world– /sigh. Maybe I am trying to say something (I really am not trying to). I’ll make amends with the next song.

Sweet home Alabama– Turn it up! Southern pride, and taking a shot at Neil Young–for reasons.

La Grange– Could we have an American rock party without a little trip to Texas? Heck no! So ZZ Top signs in with one of their signature rock songs. It’s as tasty as some good BBQ.

When I’m gone– Been in love with 3 Doors Down since I first heard them. This one is a nice tribute to the men and women who protect out great nation. Thank you!

We didn’t start the fire– A mini-history lesson in the form of a song. Yes, Billy Joel is a ‘Rock and roller’. He even said so.

American Pie– I don’t know why most of the songs about our fair country are political, but you can still enjoy them on basic level. Hopefully.

Johnnie B Goode– Go, Go! Go Johnnie, go go! Are you kidding me? It all starts here folks. Crank this one loud and grab your best gal/guy!

(You can still) Rock in America– No politics, just good old fashioned rock n roll.

American woman– Never mind that this was written and originally performed by a British band, Lenny Kravitz puts his all-American stamp all over it. Huzzah!

One Bourbon, one Scotch, one Beer– Ah, George Thorogood knows a little about rock and roll. He did this live performance on July 5th, but that is close enough. This good old American party song will chase those blues away.

American girl– Tom Petty sings about his ideal American sweetheart. Interestingly, Taylor Swift did a heck of a cover of this tune.

America– Neil Diamond sings this epic tune about immigrating to the USA. You will hear this at any firework show this weekend.

Crimson and Clover– Joan Jett rocks as hard as anyone on this classic American rock cover. Tommy James and the Shondells did it back in ’69. Joan Jett and the Blackhearts take it to the next level.

Rock City– Ted Nugent fronts this rock super-group alongside Tommy Shaw (Styx) and Jack Blades (Night Ranger). Rock City is a little slice of Americana. I was lucky to see Damn Yankees perform live, not once, but two times!

Summer Song– Picking only one song from Joe Satriani is pretty much impossible. Since it’s summer, and the holiday weekend, I figure this one is apropos, no?

Slash playing the National Anthem– I’m not sure you can get more American than Slash playing the National Athem before a live sporting event so, let me close out the fun with this.

Hope you enjoyed this list, and get a chance to listen to some good music this weekend. Have a safe and happy 4th of July weekend!

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2 Responses to A little American rock for your holiday weekend

  1. other Jeff says:

    Sorry to get political but I’d leave off Springsteen…POS is anything BUT a patriotic American. Sure, a lot of the other musicians have opposing views but he goes out of his way to put down the right.

    • oxxo910 says:

      I know. I was tempted to leave it off, but we can interpret the songs the way we want to. That’s what’s so great about music. I dig his songs even though I don’t like his political choices.

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