MLB needs to institute voting system for umpires

Fresh off seeing the worst called 3rd strike in my 32 year MLB watching career, I came up with this brilliant idea. The MLB needs to institute a voting system for umpires that give players and managers 2/3rds of the weight. The league can have the last third.

I know umpires are human, eyesight is not perfect, and everyone is due to have a bad game. I’m not sure you should ever miss a strike call by 2 feet. Maybe if you sneezed mid-pitch. Wouldn’t you give the batter the benefit of the doubt then? Certain umps make a career of it though. There are also those who love making it all about them. It’s 2016. This nonsense needs to stop, and it needs to stop now.

I’m not talking about QuesTec or any computerized system to grade their ability to call a strike. I mean real input by real people who deal with these umps 162 games a year. Sure, personalities will be involved, and popularity might end up being a factor, but that’s how it should be. If you know a guy is trying his best to be fair, you don’t mind him occasionally missing a call.

How would it change things? If the umps knew that ultimately the players and managers were making the decision whether they advance to the post season (and earn more cash) they might have a different approach to their job, and how they interact with them. It also might be a factor on them staying in the league. It might not be perfect, but I think it will be better than how things are done now.

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