Bulls sign Rondo: Genius move or WTF?

It came across the wire late Sunday afternoon Marc Spears from ESPN reported that the Bulls inked Rajon Rondo for a 2 year $28 million dollar deal. My jaw dropped a little. I silently screamed, “No!”. I tweeted a few things out, then I gathered my thoughts.

It could be a brilliant move. The Bulls need to eat up some cash and they might want to suck for the next year. Even back in his day Rondo was at best, a piece to the puzzle. The only place I see him fitting in with this team is a warm body to eat up cap money. If he plays, I don’t see him making much of an impact, unless it is to take the ball away from the young players, and make sure the Bulls have a chance at a lottery pick.

If they seriously think this will make them any more competitive, then the Bulls are worse off than I thought. I’m on record as saying this should be the last head coach Gar/Pax should get to hire. I still feel that way. For some reason though, I am clinging to the hope that this is a mad-scientist move on Gar’s part. In the NBA, that is a gamble that could set you up nicely, or doom you to be fired and never heard from again.

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