I am actually more excited to watch the Bulls this year

Okay, I know what you are saying, “You’re crazy”, and actually, I can’t argue with that. I will however make a case for myself.

First of all the pressure is off. Derrick Rose was traded to the New York Knicks. Joakim Noah and Pau Gasol left for free agency. The team is clearly “re-tooling”. I do not expect anything close to competitive. If by some strange happenings, they make the 8th seed and get into the playoffs, that would probably be against what they are trying to do.

The bulls might have a good young core led by Jimmy Butler. 3rd year players Nikola Mirotic and Doug McDermott, and 2nd year player Bobby Portis. Add in rookie Denzel Valentine and that could be a solid rotation.

Tank factor: If the Bulls choose to tank (which I think they will) that adds another element to watch for. It might even make me pay attention to NCAA basketball again.

Can he coach? We should get a better idea if 2nd year coach Fred Hoiberg is the man for the job. Is this team closer to what he wants? We should find out. The Bulls started off pretty decent last year before the wheels fell of the cart.

It all depends on the young talent, but it could be an interesting season. Will you be watching?

Edit: This was written before the announcement that Dwayne Wade was signed

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