Bulls sign ex-Heat guard Dwyane Wade–no really!

Wednesday night rumors starting swirling about on the Twitterspehere that a certain prodigal son was being pursued by the local NBA team. I was in various stages of disbelief. Mainly because I thought the Bulls were in full tank-mode. They still might be. That remains to be seen.

First and foremost. Dwyane Wade was probably the last NCAA basketball player I watched, and hoped he landed on the Bulls. He had that “something”. I didn’t think it would lead to 3 championships, but I think it was fairly easy to see he’d be an All-Star. Fast forward to 2016. Dwyane Wade was the last player I thought the Bulls would even consider. For a half dozen reasons. Age, skill deteriorating, oh, and then there is the stuff he pulled back in 2010. There is also the alleged bad-mouthing he would do when anyone asked about the Bulls.

I’m not sure what Wade will bring to the Bulls, or how much he has left in the tank. One thing I know is that it has the potential to be more entertaining. I already said I am more excited to watch the Bulls after they drafted Denzel Valentine, and got rid of some “dead weight”. I’m not going to throw roses for Wade, or jump on the hype-train. I have very low/realistic expectations for Wade and the Bulls this season. Frankly, I don’t need to see them make the playoffs. I would actually rather see them be in contention for a top-five pick in the 2017 NBA draft.

Reasonably, they still could be. Dwyane Wade will no doubt be an upgrade vs what they had before the signing. He might even be an upgrade vs Derrick Rose. I think the biggest thing he will add to the team is his name–which should keep fans coming to see him and the Bulls, while they keep on “retooling”.

This makes it a little more interesting when the Bulls play Cleveland, New York, and Wade’s former team–the Miami Heat.

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