Cubs make ‘dark deal’ in Chapman trade

The Cubs dipped into the murky waters of morality in trading for the hot-headed ex-Reds pitcher who has a little bit of a past when it comes to domestic violence. I voiced my opinion when the Bears did the same last year. To be fair, Chapman was not formally charged with anything, but where there is smoke, there is fire.

To me, there is nothing worse than a man violently putting his hands on a woman or child. Everyone deserves a second chance? Sure. Doesn’t have to be on my team. This sends a horrible message to fans, and more importantly, employees of the Chicago Cubs organization.

Full disclosure: There was no evidence Chapman violently put his hands on anyone. We know he is a hot-head though. That fact has been well documented, and captured on video. Just ask Cubs first basemen Anthony Rizzo who was willing to take on Chapman and the entire Reds bench.

So what did Chapman do? He admitted to firing 8 shots into a garage wall during a heated argument. Do I really need to point out how bad this is? Especially in 2016? Taking your anger out on a wall, is definitely better than taking it out on a living being. I’m not sure using a firearm is much of a tradeoff though.

How will the clubhouse take it? Anthony Rizzo was the center of a lot of Chapman friction. He is tight with his mother, and the rest of his family. I’m not sure how that is going to fly with him. The current roster seemes like a bunch of “good guys” who are all willing to sacrifice for one another. A very close-knit bunch.

Had Chapman come out and say he made a mistake, had a little news conference, and said he was going to use his incident to educate people on domestic violence, I would be fully on board. Until that happens, I will be a little skeptical.

Winning is not everything. It can’t be. The end doesn’t justify the means. Chicago is usually more classy than this. Theo and Jed have built them into a top flight organization. An organization you expect to be leaders when it comes to social issues. Would a World Series be worth it if Chapman goes out and has another “episode”?

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