August ushers in training camp and pre-season games for NFL

Summer is in full-swing. Soaring temps and humidity let you know what time of year it is. Training camp time! All 32 teams have started camp and many are 3-4 padded practices in. I got my first look at the 2016 Bears on Monday. From my vantage point, I didn’t get to see a lot, but there was some noticeable moments, and a fight.

Well, it wasn’t much of a fight from what I saw. Tempers flare, and conditions are ripe for some extra curricular activity. It was mostly pushing and shoving. Players and coaches keeping the peace and separating possible combatants. When the dust cleared, there were some great catches.

Daniel Braverman was on the top of the list. He made one nice catch near the endzone, he dove for a ball, and tucked it in as he bounced off the ground–he hung on through the process. After dropping a pass, Deonte Thompson had some impressive catches. Joshua Bellamy and Cameron Merideth also had decent days. I got to see Kevin White make some nice grabs as well. Jay Cutler seemed to be pretty accurate for the most part. He did have a couple picks though. One was on a tipped pass he tried to force into double coverage.

One thing I did note is that certain receivers weren’t going full out, while others had to go full speed at all times. This could quite possibly be the norm, as talent makes up for effort at times. I didn’t see any good competition like back when Peanut and Brandon Marshall would go head to head. Part of it might have been do to my seating arrangement.

While receivers might not have been diving for every ball, it’s better to get to the regular season as healthy as possible. Just ask Marquess Wilson about that. The Bears are already down a wide out and a tight end due to concussions. No need to blow a knee or break a collarbone this early.

Veteran WR Eddie Royal left practice and joined TE Zach Miller in the NFL concussion protocol.

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