Brawl of the week: Storming Stormwind

We have just received the first “adventure-based” Tavern Brawl: Storming Stormwind. I am still not sure what we are supposed to do other than do as much damage to “Stormwind City” as we can do. It starts out with 1 health and seems to end when we run out of health.

Storming Stormwind

Storming Stormwind.

So naturally, I start out as a mage, and load my deck with mostly spells. Damage spells. A few minions who benefit from that, and a few to give me–more spells!

You vs...and entire city!

You vs…an entire city!

I tried to hold off doing any damage to it until I could get board control. I don’t think this is necessary.

Play a random Stormwind Soldier

The City of Stormwind has random soldiers!

The City of Stormwind can summon a random Soldier, that appears to escalate in attack and health every round. In addition to that it has some spells at it’s disposal.

Losing means winning!

To lose is to win!

So when your health runs out, you win! Yeah. How much damage did you do?

We have stats!

We have stats!

I only did 29 damage because I wasn’t sure what I should do exactly. I know! They told me exactly what to do. Kind of. I got up to 52 damage my next game. Not much point to this brawl. It seems like you can get any number of dailies done, so there’s that. It’s a nice change of pace from the constant Player vs Player struggle.

So get on in there and get your free pack. Do your best–or your worst! It might be a good time to watch a friend play. Have fun, and see you next week!

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