Bennett brothers double team Cutler with critique

Marty and his brother Michael have always been an acquired taste with a short shelf-life. It didn’t take long after Marty got to Chicago to realize his persona is a bit of an act. He seems like the type to try extra hard to keep the focus on him. Anyone can say outlandish things for the sake of being controversial. It appears they took their act to LA for an upcoming article in ESPN the magazine.

Martellus Bennett has a big personality, and it tends to get bigger as time goes on in every stop he finds himself in. As someone who has moved around a lot, I’m guessing it is part of adapting to new surroundings. Problem is it can be a double edged sword. It seems Marty doesn’t know when to dial it down. He skirts the lines between appropriate and inappropriate talk. Local sports talk radio personnel can attest.

Michael Bennett has his “own deal”, but no doubt knows how to push his brothers buttons. Doesn’t take much prompting to get him to talk candidly about his former teammate, Jay Cutler.

Michael: “the worst quarterback in the NFL?” Actually, Jay had one of his best statistical year in 2015. Far from the best, but equally far from the worst.

Marty: “I’d be open and he’d throw into double coverage,”. Who knows an offense better than anyone? I’d put my money on the QB. Even as Jay has had a half dozen offensive coordinators in his time with the Bears. Marty’s work ethic was questionable, especially in practice. We know Cutler is far from perfect, and loves to throw into double or even triple coverage–I’d still put my money with Jay knowing the offense.

In the end it’s about sour grapes, and two brothers desperate to keep the spotlight on them. Incessantly. New England fans will be entertained, but for how long? If past trends continue, Martellus will have a great first 6-8 games, then his production will trail off. His mouth will keep on chugging though. Eventually people will figure out what Marty is all about.

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