This week in Karazhan: The Parlor

One Night in Karazhan has been released and The Parlor is the first playable wing. After you defeat Malchezaar in the prologue and purchase the wing, it will be ready to play.

The Parlor

First boss: The Silverware Golem. The hero power is: Summon a 1/1 plate for 0 mana. Sounds harmless, but the Golem has many cards to go with it and will relentlessly attack with 1/1 plates!

Silverware Golem (2)

In the end, my hunter deck was able to hold off the onslaught of plates and come up with the win.

SG defeated

Deadly Fork Reward: This rogue minion is a 3/2 with a Deathrattle: add a 3/2 weapon to your hand. Not too shabby.

Deadly Fork Reward

Silverware Golem Reward: This 3/3 warlock minion has a condition: If you discard this minion, summon it. Kind of a neat mechanic. Not sure if it “does enough” for me.

Silverware golem reward

The next boss up is: Magic Mirror. It’s hero power is a passive one: When you play a minion summon a 1/1 copy of it. As it would happen, I had the perfect deck in play for this and made quick work of the Mirror.

Magic Mirror

This fight didn’t last too long. Will you be the fairest of them all?

Magic Mirror down

The Arcane Anomaly Reward: This is a 2/1 neutral minion that gains +1 health whenever you cast a spell. Not bad for an early enforcer. Will be good in decks that have spells to buff attack. Priests and paladins will love this one.

Arcane Anomaly Reward

The Pantry Spider Reward: A 1/3 neutral Beast. Probably better in druid decks. Much less impressive than the Webspinner.

Pantry Spider

The final boss in the Parlor wing is: the Black King. You fight as the White King with a premade deck full of chess pieces. Of course the Black King “cheats”, as it’s hero power is “kill the left-most enemy minion” for 2 mana. It is your left, so knowing that, you can plan accordingly.

Black King vs White King

I got a little worried when I read that hero power, but you have plenty of minions, in fact, your hero power is: Discover a chess piece, for 2 mana. You get to 1 from 3 choices, just like the normal Discovery mechanic. Definitely helps out later in the game.

Black King defeated

This fight was pretty fun, but it’s kind of a “one-trick pony”. Still, there is a satisfaction of beating the “chess event”.

Ivory Knight Reward

Ivory Knight Reward: This paladin minion is a 4/4 with a Battlecry: Discover a spell. Restore health to your hero equal to it’s cost. Sounds pretty fantastic, all for just 6 mana!

Protect the King Reward

Protect the King! Reward: This warrior spell summons a 1/1 Pawn with Taunt for every enemy minion on the board, for 3 mana.

Arcanosmith Unlocked

Arcanosmith Unlocked: This is a 3/2 neutral minion with a Battlecry: Summon an 0/5 minion with Taunt.

cloaked Huntress Unlocked

Cloaked Huntress Unlocked: This 3/4 hunter minion has an effect: Your secrets cost (0). Sounds like a must-have hunter minion to me.

Moroes unlocked

Legendary minion Moroes Unlocked: This a 1/1 legendary with Stealth, and an effect: At the end of the turn, summon a 1/1 steward. This has some possibilities in decks that can buff minions. Seems like a good card for paladins, and maybe druids.

Shaman and Priest class challenges unlocked

Shaman and Priest Class Challenges Unlocked.

Priest challenge

Didn’t really notice any difference between this and the normal fight. Premade deck maybe?

priest challenge defeated

As you can see, this was pretty one-sided.

Priest of the feast reward

Priest of the Feast unlocked. This priest minion is a 3/6 with an effect: Whenever you cast a spell, restore 3 health to your hero. Not bad for 4 mana.

Shaman class challenge

Shaman Class Challenge: You take on the Magic Mirror with a premade shaman deck. This was probably my favorite boss for this wing.

Shaman challenge defeated

Maybe I will do heroic mode…

Maelstrom portal reward

Maelstrom Portal unlocked: This shaman card deals 1 damage to all enemy minions, then summons a random 1-cost minion, for 2 mana. I can see this fitting into Evolve decks.

This wraps up the Parlor wing. Stay tuned for the next installment!


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