Brawl of the week: Nefarian Rises!

This week’s tavern brawl is not only a new one, but another new cooperative brawl! That’s right, you face off with a friend* vs Nefarian. The, uh, true master (eyeroll). So grab a buddy or be paired up with a random partner.

Nefarian Rises!

You get to be either Anduin, and a premade priest deck, or Morgl, and a premade shaman deck. The “gist” of the battle is to try and help your partner as much as possible. There are lots of tricks, traps, and twists in this epic cooperative battle. Just when you think you have things turned in your favor, things go the other way.

Hi Nef

Oh, are you now?

I started with Morgl, who I absolutely love. How could you not love a murloc? Anyways, the shaman deck has some nice buff cards. Things can be frustrating at times. My first match didn’t go so well.

Not funny

Not funny.

So after you do about 40 damage to Nefarian, he does stuff.

Really not funny

Really not funny.

Like gain 5 attack and kill off a bunch of your minions. What a jerk!

Such an Ahole

Just when things are looking good…

There is another point when Nefarian gains more attack, even heals himself. I had some choice words for him when he did that.

What is this

So, my second match wasn’t going any better, in fact there were a couple times I almost conceded and started over. I’m glad I didn’t. Out of pretty much nowhere, my partner threw down Bloodlust and finished off Nefarian for the win. I was properly stunned.

You might like this match, you might hate it. For me, it’s one and done. Get my free pack. I may or may not try it again. It’s a good brawl if you have people on your friends list to play it with. That way you can coordinate stuff. Anyways, hope you enjoy it. See you next week!

*randomly generated partner

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