Walking Dead Weekly: Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead returned last night as season 2 continued with Grotesque. I was more than a little disappointed with this episode, but before I get into that,

*****Spoiler Warning*****

With so many things up in the air, I just felt a Nickscapade™ might not have been the best way to go. Plus, it wasn’t really fun or glamorous. Something that might have worked better in an episode or two. I will probably change my mind on this later on in the season or before season 3. For now, that is my initial reaction. That said, there were some good things, and Nick is one of my favorite characters.

When we last saw Nick he was walking among the dead. When we catch up to him, he wakes up from a restful slumber and starts talking to some strange woman. By the end of the conversation we get the feeling they have known each other for a long time. Now, I don’t know how much time has passed, but it seems long enough for Nick to develop a meaningful relationship. Could be one day, one week, or one month. I dunno. Another annoyance.

So there goes Nick, off to Tijuana. A mere 100 miles. Would be great if he had a pair of shoes that fit him, and not an old man’s who he happened to share a hospital room with. This is another gripe of mine. It was mentioned on Talking Dead, the reason why Nick did this is that the actor, Frank Dillane did some research and found out many refugees grew fond of their clothes. Only problem is, those refugees are in those clothes for months. Nick had a chance to change clothes within days when he got back to his house, then was there for a couple of weeks. Did he really get that fond of them in between the hospital and returning home? I’m picking nits, kind of. It just seems odd.

Still no theme song. I seriously started working on one. I might have to submit it. I have a couple verses and a chorus so far.

I really liked the flashbacks with Gloria. It showed another side of Nick. We get to see now why he would have freaked out so bad when this all happened back in the season 1 premiere.

I didn’t like him losing his gear and gallon of water to a lady with a baseball bat. The same Nick that killed one of his best friends? The same Nick that battled addiction, survived with Strand, escaped the military base that was crawling with infected. The same Nick that walks freely among the dead? I get why it happened. Just seemed incongruous with his persona. Kind of like later on when a little alcohol on his leg makes him squirm in pain. I guess even Superman has is Kryptonite.

Dog bites man: Man eats dog. I thought that was a nice use of irony. Good use of visual metaphors. Perhaps a subtle Easter egg to The Walking Dead; you are either the butcher or the cattle.

New Character: Luciana- We see a woman with two dudes as they look through binoculars at Nick who is walking with a pack of the infected. We later find out she is a new character who eventually brings Nick to a place called Colonia. Could this be FTWD’s farm? If you watched Talking Dead you know she is penned to be a vital character, at least this season.

New Character: Alejandro- He is the ‘doctor’ that fixes Nick up. The actor, Paul Calderon has once of those faces you swear you have seen somewhere–and you probably have. I didn’t even know he was in Pulp Fiction, but do remember him from The Last Castle, and saw various other movies with him in it. I think he will be a great addition.

More bicycles? I’ve said this about The Walking Dead too: Why aren’t there more bicycles in the zombie apocalypse? They are quiet, and don’t require gas to run on. Yeah, you have to stick to a road, but so do cars. It vexes me.


Touched on it a little earlier, will this be FTWDs version of the farm? I guess Abigail’s estate could have been that, but they weren’t there long, and didn’t meet another nice group there. Will the others make their way to Tijuana?

Where is Daniel? We didn’t see him die, so I am going to assume he is still alive. He is a major character, so not seeing him dead is a big thing for me. Plus, I really like him. His bio on IMDB says he does more episodes too. They also say Luis does 12 episodes, so accuracy might not be a thing.

DWR: Could be nothing, but it was written on a post in the new area Nick gets to in Tijuana.

What’s Travis and Chris up to? I’m sure we’ll find out at some point. Just would have liked a brief something. Maybe that would have been worse.

Zombie kill of the week: This week was a little weak for humans killing zombies, but walkers had a banner day. First the mob that was approaching Nick managed to eat the two dogs that were about to eat him. Later on a pack Nick was walking with killed 2 banditos who were shooting at them. One of them spotted Nick just before he was killed. I give it to them. This also makes me wonder if Nick someday will command and army of the infected. Something to think about.

That’s all I got for this week. Tune in next time for another installment of Walking Dead Weekly!





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4 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly: Fear the Walking Dead

  1. otherJeff says:

    I’m with you, it was a bit slow.
    Strange woman???? You didn’t recognize her? She is/was the head house keeper/maid at Abigail’s estate. In this episode Nick even asked her something about Celia, after she said, “you want to follow them?” He replied, “Is there a place to go…for people like Celia?”

    Yeah, thought it was a little weak of the writers to have him lose his water and backpack so easily.

    Banditos; that was a good scene. I think seeing a “walker” (they had no way knowing Nick was the person they chased earlier, he was running away from them, couldn’t see his face) stare right at him, after probably killing hundreds for ‘sport’) freaked him the hell out. Like now they are coming for him.

    Good catch about the short few days between taking the old mans clothes and getting home, where all his clothes were. Totally negates that explanation they gave. I’ll bet your probably the only one that caught that (yet you missed Sofia, “the strange woman?” LOL)

    • oxxo910 says:

      I’m bad like that. I meant to watch the whole season prior. starting with the last episode of season 1, but I got impatient and only watched a couple. I am planning to watch them all before next week.

  2. otherJeff says:

    DOH…hit send too early.

    Daniel; I think he’s dead. He would never have left his daughter, unless, and they way the scene went in the half season ender, he knew/thought sacrificing himself would help her more. That look he had on his face as he started the fire, it was a satisfied/bit sad/and a bit “you lose you bastards” smirk like he knew it was over for him but he was stopping that house full of evil zombies/demons.

    Hey, just thought the irony, Strand is with 3 females, sorta make them an all girls group! LOL LOL

    • oxxo910 says:

      That would baffle me with Daniel for 2 reasons, the one–which I pointed out, he’s signed on for 20 episodes, and two–he’s such a good character. I feel like someone is going to emerge as a Governor type dude. Either Chris, Daniel, or maybe even Nick. I know Nick is such a hero right now, but his obsession with the undead, could make him some sort force to be reckoned with. I dunno. Thanks for the comments!

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