Brawl of the week: Captain Blackheart’s Treasure (again)

This week’s Tavern Brawl is one we have had once, maybe two times before: Captain Blackheart’s Treasure! It’s straightforward, pick a class, then on each turn, select a card from the three offered to you. There are a couple brawls like this. Slightly better than all random cards, but the RNG is still high.

Captain Blackheart's Treasure

Captain Blackheart’s Treasure.

I chose the mage because, mage (fire good!). Usually works out for the better. You can choose whatever you like, just know: The 2/3 Pirates you start with are not the ones with the Battlecry: Your attack increases by the attack of your weapon. It is still a Pirate, so there is that synergy.

Pick a mage!

Pick your hero.

Pirates everywhere! I got the bonus Pirate, and the Coin. I was off to a brilliant start. The world was my oyster…

Pirates everywhere!

Pirates everywhere!

Your choices will look like this: (depending on your class of course) class minions, neutral minions, and class spells. Sometimes you get more spells, sometimes you get no spells. The trick is: take a card you can use now, or one that will be powerful later?

Discover treasure

Discover treasure.

I might have chosen poorly, because I lost that match.

Kill enemy

Kill your enemy.

A couple brawls later, I was still using the mage, had a Mirror Entity up and snagged me a good minion. That was enough for my opponent, who promptly conceded.

This is probably a “one and done” brawl for me, given the RNG nature of it all. You can still have some fun with it I think. It’s still good for those of you who don’t have extensive decks yet. Since you pick a class, you can work on all your dailies.

So jump on in there, get your free pack and melt some faces! See you next week!


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