I’ll be somewhere

I’ll be somewhere


Trapped in a state somewhere between love and hate. Voices in my head, no voices whispered not undead. So called family, loved ones you are supposed to trust. Talking shit behind your back, they must. I don’t know why. Do you know why? Things are quiet, so exciting now. I want to get up. I want to get up. I can’t because the voices are silent. Hush hush. These words don’t make sense. Should I rhyme or leave them happenstance? So many things to think about. It’s Friday, should I stay in or go out? All of the madness swirling inside. Feelings and memories are so alive. How could I stay mad? I’m kind of good that way. The good old beaten dog you see. On the way to wherever you go. To get your coffee or your alcohol. Maybe both. Insane ramblings? Oh, don’t you worry, I have a strong grip. Maybe not on reality. I do my own thing. You should do yours. I’ll be here, or maybe there. I’ll be somewhere.

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