Like many, Kaepernick doesn’t ‘get it’

Colin Kaepernick did what he thought was a good deed. A noble action that will somehow resonate with the “every-man” and spark a movement. If it were only as easy as sitting out for the National Anthem, he would have accomplished what hundreds–if not thousands have tried. To end racism and unite this country once and for all.

I applaud Colin for having strong beliefs and convictions. I’m not going to get into politics or his choice to tie himself to Black Lives Matter. What I will ask though is what is Colin doing in his daily life to make a difference? Is he donating his time? Is he donating any money to this cause? Does he even vote in local and national elections? If he doesn’t I have to hit him with the hypocrite flag, because he is then part of the bigger problem.

It all needs to start with education. I wish I had the resources, contacts, and profile that Colin has. I would bring together athletes, entertainers, and other high profile people to really work on the problems at hand. Hell, I might even do this on my own and see how far I can take it. Talk is cheap though. Until people take action, the problem will continue. Just over the weekend Dwyane Wade’s cousin was gunned down on the south side of Chicago as she walked her daughter in a stroller. I don’t see many people talking about that though. Which is the root of the problem. Too many people in urban areas are dying.

Meanwhile, the high-profile athlete chooses to “stand up to oppression” by…sitting down during our nation’s anthem. Hopefully you see the disconnect here. We need to take action folks. Plain and simple. I’m not talking about protesting or boycotting, I mean real effective action. Start with your local politicians and community groups. If anything good comes out of this, hopefully that people are a little more compelled to take action and get active in their community.

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