Walking Dead Weekly: Fear the Walking Dead

Sunday’s episode, Los Muertos was the latest installment in the series. I have to admit, after first watching I was disappointed again. This is why I watch them twice before commenting. Before I get to that,

*****Spoiler Warning*****

Nictopia™ continues with our main character waking up in a room with a woman who appears to be sick. He then walks out to witness a man entering a bus to where “the wall” is: the area between the outside world and the living; the infected are fenced in. They “protect” the living from the living. Lots of metaphors there. In the post apocalyptic world, it’s a little bit of genius combined with a little bit of crazy. There is no doubt, “the wall” will be used against them. Sooner or later.

Abigail is lost: It makes sense. Hell, they left the Zodiac out on the beach where anyone could take it. The Zodiac was still there, which means someone took it from the water. Strand says it was the military. Makes sense–or does it? Either way, the group moves on to a luxury hotel along the beach!

Not Hotel California: Madison, Strand, Alicia, and Ofelia enter the hotel. In grand fashion, Strand hits the bell for service, which he deems “subpar”. Rightfully so. No one comes out dead or undead. The pair splits off, which I think is a little brash all things considered. In ‘reality’ a family that plays together, stays alive together. This is not reality.

Did I mention I love Strand? He has the best lines.

No one will miss you: Luciana takes Nick to a settlement that is basically a warehouse. When he asks why him, she says frankly, “no one will miss you”. It’s kind of neat that they already have another community to trade with. This too looks like it will end sooner than later. Nick wants to get a snack cake for the little girl who watched her daddy die, but Luciana turned him down. Which results in a confrontation as they leave. Why not just hide it in the cart. Surely Nick has done that in his 20 something years. Because then we wouldn’t see his epic negotiating skills. That’s why!

Drinks are on me: Strand and Madison take some time out to down a couple bottles of tequila (guessing). We get some good backstory on Madison, and Strand gives his iteration of how things could have been if they met before the apocalypse. Madison reveals she was a bartender in Alabama to help put herself through college. There is a nice back and forth between the two. Until Madison gets drunk and turns angry. She also hints that she lied about her husband’s death to her kids. She tells them he fell asleep at the wheel coming home late from work. We get the idea he was probably drunk. I think there is still more. She says she chose to be a parent, “despite the past”.

We aren’t family: Alicia and Ofelia have a nice moment in a hotel room (slow down there) wherein Alicia tries to comfort Ofelia by telling her, “you have me” when she seems to be stressing out over the current situation, mainly her fathers loss. In Daniel-like fashion, she brushes it off with, “family is family”. I think she will come around.

Music to die by: Strand is no piano man, and stirs up the dead with his rendition of old scary movie classics. They suddenly realize they are not alone as the infected break their way into the hotel.

These dead go to 11: Apparently these infected can open doors (I assume some were open) and survive falls from 6-8 stories up. If their brains don’t get smashed, their legs would certainly be in no shape to walk. It’s a TV show, I get it, but I hate it when they break their own rules.

Looks like we have to wait one more week to see what’s going on with Travis and Chris. Maybe Daniel?

Questions: Will they see Abigail again? I gotta think so. They don’t build a beautiful set like that and have it disappear without either sinking it or setting it on fire. It just wouldn’t be right. My theory? Someone from their past caught up to them. Jack? Alex? Both of them? I’m not buying the military took it. Makes no sense. It doesn’t have the fortitude of a military vessel. At best, they would have pillaged it and moved on. Probably siphoned the fuel out of it, then sank it.

What happened to Ofelia? I initially though it was her that jumped off the balcony. She ducked out somewhere while Alicia was scrubbing up, and wasn’t in the hotel room. What gives? She seemed like she was having a little crisis. From the previews, it looks like Alicia will have some alone time next episode.

How will Madison and Strand get out? Will Nick come to the rescue? Probably not, because he might be 100 miles to the west. Daniel? Ofelia? A reunion of Travis and Chris is probably out? I suppose they could light the bar on fire and work their way around while the infected are distracted.

What else is Madison hiding? A lot was revealed this week, but more questioned popped up, especially when she said she chose to have kids, “despite the past”. It’s good to know they are fleshing her character out more.

Will they ever call the dead walkers? It’s kind of annoying just calling them infected. In The Walking Dead, they have at least 6-8 other names for them.

Can we get a theme song? Seriously!

Zombie kill of the week: It was a very slow week in the walker/infected killing department. Other than the dude who died in the beginning, I’m not sure there was a death of significance. “The wall” gets it by default? Has to be.



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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly: Fear the Walking Dead

  1. otherJeff says:

    Yeah, another slow episode, interesting but they drag story lines out too much. Sometimes they mistakes made by the characters irk me, I blame lazy writing. Example; first thing I said when they walked in the hotel….
    “CLOSE THE DOOR BEHIND YOU!!!!” Just common sense, then they don’t check out their surroundings???? Seriously? and get hammered instead!?!?!?! A real life Strand would NEVER let his guard down like that unless he was in a known safe place and others, not getting drunk were securing the area. Maybe even a real life Maddie woulda been that smart too.
    And then, yeah, like you said…they split up! Not in real life would you let your two weakest go off on their own, especially a high school age girl and a woman that was pretty well protected all her life by her father, and not long after losing him? S…t….u…p…i…d.

    I dont think the walkers are opening doors, the patio doors were probably open, remember these people locked themselves in their rooms, after the power died they would open them for air.
    Not exactly sure how loud a piano INSIDE a lobby would be OUTSIDE and way up a building…let alone any kinda echoing if the walkers would even be able to tell which direction it was coming from, especially deep notes which is pretty much all he was playing. Then, as you mentioned, a fall from that high(anything over 3, seen people survive falls from that high in real life), even if no damage to the brain, would crush enough bones they wouldn’t be able to stand or walk.
    How are they gonna get out from behind the bar???? Good question, pretty sure Alicia isn’t going to help, previews they show her probably still on the upper floors and eventually jumping in the elevator shaft onto the cables. Ofelia??? No idea where she’s at, or what bug is up her ass to make her leave Alicia while she’s in the shower (I was hoping they’d shower together! LOL). Maybe she was heading back downstairs to get something, or get Strand and Maddie to help clear rooms and she’ll cause a distraction to help them ge away from the bar? Maybe Maddie and Strand will remember how Nick camoflages himself and kill a walker so they can cover themselves in walker guts??? Maybe some live people living around there comes to their aid?

    Nick having those negotiating skills I can see. Being an addict he’d have used and honed them pretty well. It was a pretty small bag of snacks, real easy to fit it in the cart between the water bottles as per the agreement. Lapse in writing again? They coulda made it something that was off limits, like ‘take as much water and cans of soup….but nothing from the junk food isle”. Oh well.

    I’m probably getting too nit-picky with the show because the episodes are too slow. By that I dont mean no action but rather they don’t move down the story line very far. Also episodes that center around one person or group bothers me, they easily could have combined Nicks episode last week with Strand/Maddie/Alicia/Ofelia show this week, probably even wrote in some Travis/Chris too.

    Abigail; a military devastated by an apocalypse like this, sure they would love to have a large pleasure boat like the Abigail, more then sturdy enough for ocean travel, powerful, large enough for many troops not to mention supplies and, IIRC it had a desalinization unit.

    Maddies secrets….pretty sure her ex husband was probably drunk when he was killed and thats what she’s hiding from the kids.
    Her other secret, if there is one, could be she was either a stripper/hooker to make it thru college, or an orphan or had really bad parents.

    I still think Daniel is toast, maybe come back in a dream or flashback for Ofelia, probably some point when she was a small child, maybe she’ll have ‘visions’ of him, like Rick seeing Lori after she died.

    • oxxo910 says:

      The not closing the door thing always bugs me. I think it’s a cheap suspense tactic. Or lazy acting. Idk.
      As far as Ofelia goes, I think she might be the next to die. They really haven’t done much with her character. She doesn’t bring much to the table. Then when Daniel comes back he can guilt Maddie with it.
      I could see the military taking it as a luxury item, but I think they would rather have the gas for their armored boat (if it’s armored). I could see them maybe towing it to a secure location and using the water filtration system and as a place to sleep.
      I still say the more interesting thing would be for Jack or Alex to have it.
      Next week’s show looks promising at least from the preview. Thanks for the long comment!

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