This week in Karazhan: The Spire

The final wing of Karazhan opened up on Thursday, The Spire. 3 more bosses* and many, many great cards. Let’s go!

The Spire

The first boss up is: Shade of Aran with +3 Spell Power for all. Really? Okay! Guess I will use a mage deck. *cackles*

Shade of Aran +3 spell power

I mean, I could have kept going but, ya know.

Thanks for the memories Aran

Medivh’s Valet Reward: This mage minion is a 2/3 with a Battlecry: If you control a Secret, deal 3 damage. I see this getting into my deck in the near future.

MEdivh Valet 1a

Spirit Claws Reward: This shaman weapon is a 1/3 with a condition: Has +2 attack while you have Spell Damage. Assuming that means a minion with + spell damage. The one mana cost makes this really interesting.

Spirit Claws 1b

Netherspite is the next boss up. It’s hero power +3 hero attack. I really liked how they incorporated the red and blue streams from the actual Karazhan encounter. There are also some mechanics to learn.

Netherspite +3 hero attack

The Red Portal: The character in the red beam has Windfury.

Red portal

Blue Portal: The character in the blue stream only takes 1 damage at a time.

Blue portal

This fight was pretty fun. I didn’t even beat it on the first time around. Maybe more due to a bad draw, but still. It’s cool to run across neat mechanics with consequences if you aren’t careful.

In spite of all that

Netherspite Historian Reward: This neutral minion is a 1/3 with a Battlecry: If you are holding a Dragon, Discover a Dragon. Not bad for 2 mana.

Netherspite Historian 2a

Book Wyrm Reward: This 3/6 neutral Dragon has a Battlecry: If you are holding a Dragon, destroy an enemy minion with 3 or less attack. Very interesting.

Book Wyrm 2b

The last boss* in the Spire is Nazra Wildaxe. Her hero power is: Summon a 3/2 Orc. She only has 15 health though…

Nazra Wildaxe add a 3-2 orc

After you dispatch Nazra, something else happens. Which is not necessarily good, especially if you only have 10 health.

What next

Prince Malchezaar “cheeses” back into action. We knew he up to something from the prologue. He comes back in with a full 30 health too!

uh oh

Malchezaar cleared my board. This is just not fair at all! However, Medivh left me Atiesh, which is pretty nice of him. I just happened to have a couple high cost spells to play too. *cackles*

Malchezaar cleared my board

So then I cleaned his clock! I cannot even tell you how hard I cackled when I summoned Ragnaros the lightlord. I mean, it was the pinnacle of poetic justice. On my second use of Atiesh, I drew Kel’Thuzad. Man that’s just mean. That’s mean man!

Then I cleaned his clock

Malchezaar’s Imp Reward: This 1/3 warlock minion has a condition: Whenever you discard a card, draw a card. I see this being added to many warlock decks.

Malchezaars Imp

Ironforge Portal Reward: This warrior spell grants you 4 armor and summons a random 4 cost minion for 5 mana. I can see this being a “must have” in many warrior decks.

Ironforge Portal 3b

Violet Illusionist Reward: During your turn, your hero is Immune. This will probably make it into a few warlock decks. I could see warriors having a use for this too.

Violet Illusionist 3c

Prince Malchezaar Reward: This is a 5/6 Legendary Demon with a condition: When the game starts add 5 random legendary minions to your deck. I can see this being in all decks for about, oh, until it’s retired. Yeah. The “legendary” fest begins. Sorry new players!

Prince Malchezaar Legendary 3d

Medivh Legendary Reward: Forget about the 7/7 minion. Focus on the Battlecry: Equip Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian. Atiesh is a 1/3 weapon with a nifty effect: After you cast a spell, summon a random minion of that cost. Lose 1 durability. I can tell you from just one match, this can be a match-breaking card.

Medivh LEgendary 3e

Rogue and Druid Class Challenges Unlocked!

Rogue and Druid CC unlocked

Rogue Class Challenge: Take on Shade of Aran again, this time with a tailored rogue deck.

Rogue CC Aran

Rogue class challenge defeated. Another match where I was just getting warmed up when the battle ended.

Rogue CC def

Ethereal Peddler Reward: This 5/6 rogue minion has a Battlecry: Reduce the cost of cards in your hand from other classes by (2). On it’s own, it’s not a bad minion. The Battlecry is neat, but not how much it will come into play.

Ethereal Peddler reward

Druid Class Challenge: Netherspite part 2 vs a custom druid deck.

Druid CC Netherspite

Druid class challenge defeated. Got a nice draw and took it to old Netherspite.

Druid CC Def

Moonglade Portal Reward: Restore 6 Health, summon a random 6 cost minion. How is this even fair? There are going to be some pretty nasty and innovative decks headed to a table near you, soon™

Moonglade Portal Reward

Fare the well Karazhan. I will miss you!

Bye bye!

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