The scariest fact about the 2016 Cubs

2016 has been a record season for the Chicago Cubs in so many ways. They had a record start to the season. Their starting pitching has compiled some lofty stats. There was the All-Star game, which featured their entire infield. I’m going to throw some facts at you, and you can tell me which one you think is scariest. I know what I am picking.

Youth: Addison Russell is just 22. Most of the core group is under 25. Anthony Rizzo and Jason Heyward are only 26.

Soler Power: Soler can’t even get on the field at times. Partially due to his injury earlier in the season, but he is relegated to part time player on this talented squad.

Kyle Hendricks has the lowest ERA on the team. Not Arrieta, who won the Cy Young award in 2015. Not Jon Lester or John Lackey who both have multiple World Series under their belts. Kyle Hendricks. In fact he leads the majors with a 2.09 ERA. He is also only 26 years old.

Atta boy Addy: If you would have told me at the beginning of the season Addison Russell would be close to Bryant and Rizzo in runs batted in, I would have told you how crazy you are. As of this posting, Russell has 88 RBIs. Three behind Kris Bryan, and only 5 behind Anthony Rizzo.

All these things are nice but, there is still something pretty surprising that people tend to forget:

Kyle Schwarber has been out all year. Yeah. Pretty amazing isn’t it? Scary too. Whether the Cubs make it to the World Series or not, next year (wait ’til next year) the Cubs will hopefully get the charismatic slugger back.

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