Walking Dead Weekly: Fear the Walking Dead

Last night’s episode, Do not disturb was a much better paced installment than what we had since season 2 resumed. We had major character development for two of the main characters, but before we get into that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Not a nice day for a white wedding: The episode starts off with a wedding at the hotel our main group is currently holed up in. We see some of the reception. The mother of the bride tells a lady that they need to leave ASAP. The father of the bride has a heart attack, then while getting mouth to mouth, reanimates and bites his daughter–the bride. Meanwhile, the lady who was speaking to the mother of the bride radios someone to “get the vehicles ready”, as she backs out of the room and locks the wedding guests inside.

“Get the vehicles ready” As I pointed out above, this was not lost on me. There should be plenty of working vehicles left at the hotel. At least a few from the hotel itself. Small buses or vans at least. Maybe some rental cars? Remember this for next week.

Serial killer and bean thief: Chris shows off his chops as a post-apocalyptic survivor when he runs into some infected in a taqueria. He quickly plunges the rebar into a walker’s head then runs off with some water and beans he was gathering up before they entered the place. He sees a few dudes who must have been in there scavenging as well.

Finally wheels: While Chris was ripping off another group, Travis hot-wired a car and sped off into the dessert. It was nice for them to get transportation again. Travis realizes his foot is not getting better as he has to use it to hold the gas down, lets Chris drive. Chris looks like he never took the family car for a stroll. I find that very unlikely.

Knife lessons are life lessons: Alicia practices her butterfly knife skills as she counts how many infected have walked by. She ties up her shoelaces and hair in a ponytail before she leaves the safety of a hotel room.

Close encounter with 3 bros: The 3 bros who Chris robbed catch up to them as he and Travis were camped out for the night. Chris seems to like them and Travis thinks they are dangerous.

It’s very interesting to see Chris and Alicia grow into survivors in the post apocalyptic world. I would have bet against both of them at the end of season 1. Especially Alicia who was by all accounts more of an intellectual/book worm. While Alicia seems to rely on her smarts and social skills, Chris is turning to raw power and lack of remorse/conscious.

*** New Characters ***

Brandon, Derek, and “Baby” James.

Shafted: Alicia makes her way through a hallway where she meets pack of infected. After backtracking, she finds more infected. Her only way out is an elevator shaft she has to pop open. Eventually she jumps onto the cables. A few infected jump into the shaft in their attempt to get to Alicia. Alicia then tries to get out and a strange lady offers to help her. She takes the lady’s hand as makes it back up to the hallway. The lady quickly pins her to the wall with a fire ax.

*** New Character ***


The wasted: Travis and Chris share a campfire and some food with the 3 bros, and they talk about survival among other things. The bros reveal their name for the infected: The wasted. Brandon asks how many of them they have killed. While Travis is put off by the question, he says he doesn’t count–Chris gleefully reveals he killed 17, and promptly draws praise from the trio. Travis informs the three that Los Angeles and San Diego have been burned down in an attempt to contain the breakout.

People person: Alicia talks to Elena and the two swap info and stories for a little. Alicia tells her about her mom and the others. Elena reveals that her nephew Hector has been taken hostage by the guests who want her keys for an exchange. Alicia calms her down and convinces her to come with to help get them back. A little later, Alicia makes a promise to keep her safe from the guests.

Alicia and Elena meet up with the small band of guests who are still alive. They have Hector in a choke-hold. After Elena tosses over the keys and gets Hector back, Alicia opens the door to where Madison and Strand were. The infected who were in there come out, forcing the guests to retreat.

Travis and Chris travel along with the bros. Chris spots a farm off the road and they pull up to check it out. Eventually they stumble onto a barn full of chickens. Travis sees some gravestones and figures someone might still be around. That someone comes into the barn and tells the bros and Chris to put down his chickens. After one of the bros decides to ring a chickens neck, the owner of the barn shoots him. Chris returns the favor and fires a bullet into the owner’s upper chest. Travis looks at his son with more than a little concern.

In the belly of the beast: Alicia, Elena, and Hector run through the tunnels underneath the hotel. Eventually they run into a door. Alicia bangs on it as infected close in. Suddenly it opens to reveal a shocked Madison. You get a quick glimpse of Strand as the episode ends.

Definitely a lot more happening in last night’s episode than happened over the last 2. Action-wise and story-wise. Lots of answers and information, but yet more questions. It’s very interesting to see Chris and Alicia grow into survivors in the post apocalyptic world. I would have bet against both of them at the end of season 1. Especially Alicia who was by all accounts more of an intellectual/book worm. While Alicia seems to rely on her smarts and social skills, Chris is turning to raw power and lack of remorse/conscious.

Questions: Where is Ofelia? All that went down in the hotel and not a peep. Maybe she is in the room with Madison and Strand. If not, I hope they don’t stay there looking for her. Grab a vehicle and scram. Go to Tijuana and meet up with Nick at the Colonia. Oh, and pick up Daniel along the way!

What is Travis going to do? I am seriously worried about him now. Chris is fully into the dude-bros, as he killed for them. Travis was clearly horrified as that played out. My only question is, will Travis leave before they kill him? He doesn’t fit in at all with this new generation.

How did Madison and Strand get away from the middle of the infected mosh pit? This I would like to see. If we don’t get to see it I will be a little disappointed. After all that was how Los Muertos ended. I’d fell a little robbed.

Will Elena and Hector go with Alicia and Madison? Seems like there is an opportunity there. Elena didn’t seem like she wanted to leave the hotel though.

Zombie kill of the week: Chris in the taqueria with the rebar. Simple. Clean. Efficient. Alicia though was a little more imaginative and got three to jump into the elevator shaft after her. I give the slight edge to her.




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4 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly: Fear the Walking Dead

  1. otherJeff says:

    Yeah, this episode was pretty good not focusing around one person or group, it moved nicely

    I’m pretty sure Maddie and Strand went down the same hatch Alicia, Hector and Elena went down. Have to watch it again but it seemed like they ran behind the bar.

    Chris is a little punk POS now. I think he’s a lost cause now. Travis should let him go with the others, they are all the same. Thats probably how it’ll play out anyhow. Travis will say he is staying there and give Chris the choice, knowing full well he’ll go with the other punks. I can almost see Chris their new leader.

    Ofelia…hmmm, thought she mighta been with the group that wanted Elenas keys, maybe there are more of them somewhere and shes with them? She was sorta flaking out but I cant see her abandoning Alicia when she was in the shower. Maybe she heard something in the room next door or hallway, went to check it out and is trapped somewhere hiding from the zombies.

    • oxxo910 says:

      I think they are building up Chris to be a major bad dude. Maybe in the mold of Merle. Maybe worse. When it is all said and done, it will be kind of cool to see how he evolved. At least Merle was able to hold onto part of himself in the end and do the right thing. Chris’ morals went south really quick. Hard to believe this was the guy that wanted to join a protest for cops killing zombies, and help a person who was outside the safe zone. He’ll make a good bad guy though, because you already want him dead!
      I think what they are doing with Ofelia is weird because she has been a side character at best. On one hand you are like, who cares? I think next episode we finally find out about some other missing characters. At least going by who is on the cast list. Thanks for the comment!

      • otherJeff says:

        Chris will be way different then Merle. Merle only did what he had to do for himself, (and his brother when they were together), out for “number 1” pretty much only, didn’t care to be a leader or ruler of an area. Chris seems like he’ll enjoy being an alpha predator and eventually “control” a town “taxing” people for his protection

      • oxxo910 says:

        I could see that too. I meant as more of a character who walks the line between bad and good, but admittedly, Chris does seem more of a sociopath, where Mere was just an a-hole. Like you said, he was #1. Although, he did taking pleasure in doing the “dirty work” for the Governor and even Rick/the jail.

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