Gould Era ends in Chicago

The Robbie Gould era ends in Chicago tonight as the Bears have informed him of his release. In an odd move, the Bears will save about $3 million in salary.

The odd thing is out of all the years past, this was one of the few there was no competition in camp. No undrafted rookies. No journeyman kickers. No Aussie or soccer players. Nobody. It kind of makes the front office look a little–well I can only say Bearslike. Remember when Jerry Angelo forgot to check a box and left a player pretty much open to sign with any other team? Say what you want about Phil Emery, I will always remember him for the way he fixed up the offensive line in one year. Then he went on to sign Jay Cutler to that awful contract.

I’ve been giving Ryan Pace the benefit of the doubt, even though they let Matt Forte–the 2nd leading rusher all time, only behind Walter Payton–walk out the door. This last move just puzzles me. I’m not sure what kickers are available–there usually are a few at any given time. Nick Novak was once in Bears camp. There have been other kickers before, so why not this year? It would not have been shocking after the year Gould had.

The other issue is, how much is this the long snappers deal?* We were lucky to have a stud long snapper in Patrick Mannelly for what seemed like a decade and a half

Then there is the Josh Sitton signing. Forget about the $21 million dollars over the 3 year deal–1. How good could he be if the Packers cut him? Their line is usually pretty desperate for help/depth. If they released him, I would worry a bit. 2. Remember guard Matt Slauson? Would he not have been at least as good as Sitton if not a little better? No? Seems like another whiff for Pace, to me.

I will miss you Robbie Gould. The Bears will miss your consistency. They may even regret the move. I think you have a lot of football left in you. I will always remember you kicking the Bears into the Super Bowl, with maximum fondness. (beating Seattle in overtime)

Late Sunday the Bears released long snapper Aaron Brewer and signed long snapper Patrick Scales.

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