1st and 5

Oh, here we are again. Perusing the Fantasy Football waiver wire. It’s like, haven’t we been here before? Yes we have!

The first week is kind of hard. I know in my 10 team league, even with only 15 slots per team–the Pickens are Slim at some positions. Others, I could draft a whole new team. Let’s take a look.

QB: Alex Smith,  Chiefs- Just like last year, he is not drafted, and he is shelling out points. More points than my Kirk Cousins got me. Matt Ryan, Falcons is there too. I ain’t touching him though. He cursed me twice. They are 25% and 40% owned respectively in ESPN leagues.

RB: Chris Thompson, Redskins- For some reason, this dude wasn’t drafted. He’s only 8.3% owned (had to give him the .3) in ESPN leagues. The ‘Skins struggled to run the ball vs a tough Steelers defense. He’s still the #1 back in DC though. You could do worse. I know you can!

WR: Mike Wallace, Ravens- Mike had himself a day vs the Bills. 91 yards and a score on only 3 catches. The 3 catches is mildly concerning, but you are not like marrying the dude. 40% owned in ESPN leagues. Mohamed Sanu, Falcons- probably should have been drafted in most leagues. He’s only 52% owned in ESPN leagues though. Hurt his ankle a little, so watch out for that.

TE: Dwayne Allen, Colts- Only owned in 38% of ESPN leagues. With the line blocking for Luck, he had lots of time to throw. He even threw 2 TDs to the #2 TE, Jack Doyle. Eric Ebron, Lions- Looks like he might blossom into the player they drafted him to be. 46% owned in ESPN leagues. Look to the Lions to throw a lot this year.

D/ST: 49ers- Remember what I said about them not being “fantasy relevant this year? Heh. Well, they still might not be, but they beat up on the Rams and Case Keenum. At worst they might be a spot starter. Chip Kelly’s D/ST has been pretty good at least in terms of Fantasy points. The usual suspects are here also: Dolphins, Bills, Eagles, and Ravens. Dig in!

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