Walking Dead Weekly: Fear the Walking Dead

Sunday night’s episode, Pablo & Jessica was jam packed full of action and revelations. It was a seven course meal. Before we break it down,

*****Spolier Alert*****

Great Escape: The action starts out with a look-back at how Madison and Strand got out from behind the bar. They pulled the “zombie blood” trick, which I am sad to say, is getting overused between the two shows. I mean, I get it. It’s smart. I didn’t mind it when Nick mastered it, but now it’s in almost every episode. They make their way outside and realize someone took the truck they used to get from Abigail’s farm. The pair climb up some scaffolding and are on a rooftop area that is connected to a suite.

Reunited: After Madison and Strand get cleaned up, they hear banging on one of the doors and go to see what’s going on. Turns out it is Alicia. Madison grabs a fire extinguisher and kills the doornob. She is not alone, with her are Elena and Hector. Strand delivers another classic line, in Spanish- Who the hell are you? he asks.

I have a limited but useful skill set: Nick reveals a plan to Alejandro to cut the oxy and extend what they have. Alejandro is a little skeptical, but by the end of the scene he is very pleased. You could tell Nick was earning his trust.

Madison’s group gathered supplies in their suite and Elena let’s them know there is lots of food and other stuff with the hotel guests. Madison states that she wants to talk to them.

*****New Character Carlos*****

The Bargain: Madison and strand go to talk to Carlos and Jessica’s mom (not introduced) who are holed up in another area of the hotel. Madison explains that the infected need to be cleared and could use their help. Jessica’s mom states that Elena killed her daughter. Madison counters that the disease killed her daughter. Actually they are both wrong, it was the father of the bride, but who’s keeping score? Carlos gives the hotel keys to Madison.

Strand tells Madison he will help clear the hotel but it is “not home”. This really stuck out to me. More on that later.

Thank you for giving a shit: Nick thanks Alejandro for showing concern when he tells Nick to be “brave but careful”. It’s actually a nice scene with the pair, and Alejandro relates the story of how he got bit to Nick.

Housekeeping: Alicia, Hector, and Strand start going room to room to clear the dead. As they bring out corpses, Alicia and Madison see some of the other guests started pitching in. After washing her hands in the surf, Alica walks further out along the pier. She notices two things: There is a very strong current and the pier connects to the main floor of the hotel.

You deserve it: Upon Nick’s return from his latest “drug run”, Alejandro gives him his own place to live in Colonia. I notice Nick picked up smoking. I’m hoping this isn’t symbolic of anything. I have more on that in a minute.

Oye como va: Madison and the group put Alicia’s plan into motion, and after a few excruciating moments of worrying about the half dozen things that could go wrong, it comes off without a hitch. Madison jumps off the pier and the infected follow. Alicia and Hector pick Madison up and into a raft. One odd thing is that as the scene fades, there is a couple shouts and a gunshot echoes through the air. Nothing else is mentioned, and the next time we see the group, it’s night and they are sitting down to dinner.

Sweet emotion: Luciana visits Nick in his new pad because she is “too tired to sleep”. She is surprised to learn Nick is reading a dictionary so he can talk people other than “Luciana and Alejandro”. She is also surprised when Nick reveals he has a sister and Mom who are “probably” still alive. He left out the part where he abandoned them to walk with the dead. Luciana then surprises Nick with some passionate kisses.

I know how that feels: As the two groups sit down to have a celebratory meal together, Strand asks about Pablo who is missing. He finds out where the Honeymoon Suite is, and says he will be back before the toast. After an emotional conversation with Pablo, strand convinces him to let him take care of Jessica, his bride–who reanimated.

As I said, this episode is full of action and revelations. So much more to discuss. Let’s grab a drink before we press on, shall we? (iced coffee for me)

Questions: Which bandito ran off with the truck? Ofelia makes sense, because she is no longer anywhere. Was it on her own or was she taken? If not her than who?

Oxy clean? Nick’s plan to cut the oxy with powdered milk to buy time is genius. Is his move genuine or is he doing it to cover up/gain access to some pills himself? Oh, you didn’t think of that did you? He was way to happy to reveal he was a junkie. I hope I am wrong on this because that is particularly depressing to watch. He also started smoking later on, which could mean nothing. Or it could mean everything. How long until Marcos finds out that the oxy is being cut? I have a feeling it won’t be too long.

Home is not where the heart is: As I stated earlier, Strand particularly went out of his way to say that the hotel “is not home”. Does he mean not ever? Is this and indication that he has plans to move on? At some point I think he might want to look for the Abigail, but I have a feeling it will find them. Strand is one of my favorite characters, so I hope he’s not planning on bolting. At this point, I kind of think he would not leave Madison.

The bite part two: Alejandro’s bite could be legit, or it could be that in all the excitement, he got bit by the junkie who was not infected. It could be an outright lie–which I think is least likely, or it could be a new ripple in The Walking Dead universe. It makes sense that some people would be flat out immune to the disease. I guess this sets up for some doctor possibly making a cure for it?

Hearing things: So, after Madison got pulled from the ocean, the scene fades out, you hear some yelling then a gunshot rings out and echoes. At first I thought it could be part of the rescue, but nothing else was mentioned. When we see our group next, they are joined with the hotel guests for a victory dinner. It is also night time. Which shoots down my theory that it could have been another group attack them. So what is it? Am I hearing things? Was it some fluke?

Seeing things: I am also seeing things. When Madison and company were leading the infected through the hotel and into the room that leads out to the pier, I swear there is a “walker” who looks like Travis. Is this his stunt double who wanted to get into the action? Is it Travis himself who wanted to get into the action? Or just coincidence? It could be the crew messing with us, or an actual “spoiler”.

Killing me softly: If you have been following this blog, you know that the absence of Daniel is just eating at me. This season is leaving so much up in the air, by just omitting people (or boats). It’s skirting the line between clever and unimaginative. I mean, Tobias was one thing, Daniel, Ofelia, and Abigail are major players, not to mention Alex and Jack. Throw me a friggin’ bone here!

My coffee was good by the way, how was your drink?


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