Brawl of the week: Top 3

I have been waiting for this week’s Tavern Brawl to come back for a while. I believe we had it once before*. Some people get tired of it, because you might get the same 2 decks played on you over and over. While that’s true, you can rack up lots of wins if that’s what you are after.


3 is better than 2, right?

I went with the classic mage deck constisting of: Mana Wyrm, Ice Lance, and Frostbolt. I ran into a druid mill deck though, and those are particularly deadly. 2nd draw was a druid again, and I simply didn’t have time for him, so I conceded. 3rd draw, I got another mage, but he must not have had time for another mage, so he returned the favor and conceded to me, which I was happy, because I just wanted to get this post done!


Frosty Mage.

This brawl is pretty cool though. It’s ripe for experiment. We have had a lot of new cards since it last was available to us though. Have fun with it. Get your free pack, and melt some faces!


If you see a druid, it might be best to skip it, unless you like the challenge.

*The brawl we had before was actually Top 2, works pretty much the same though. Not sure the comps that worked for Top 2 will still hold up for Top 3 though. I can tell you one thing, the druid mill deck still works. It might even be harder to beat than the 2 card version.

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