The heat is on for Fox, Pace

Fresh off the loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football, there is little doubt that head coach John Fox and 2nd year GM, Ryan Pace are feeling the heat. The Bears turned in an abysmal 14-29 performance. The game wasn’t nearly as competitive as the score made it out to be.

This isn’t going to be a traditional John Fox turnaround. They looked bad at almost every position group. From quarterback, to offensive line, to running back, and everywhere in between. The defense at least put up a fight early. Young defensive backs Bryce Callahan, Jacoby Glenn, and Deiondre Hall made plays and looked good at times. The defensive line failed to put much pressure on the rookie QB Carson Wentz, unless they rushed more than 4. Jay Cutler looked like the rookie due mainly to a horrible offensive line. Although they scored a rushing TD, they failed to run the ball when it mattered. Running back Jordan Howard showed some nice burst but only when they were down 7 to 22.

I’m traditionally a glass-half-full guy, but I am really doubting the direction this team has going forward. I have already had doubts with Ryan Pace, and John Fox. Last night’s disaster didn’t help matters much.

Not much went right for the Bears as they took on the Eagles lead by Carson Wentz who was starting his second game as an NFL quarterback. Wentz regularly had plenty of time to complete passes. When he was pressured, he stood calmly in the pocket and took a hit, and still delivered an accurate pass. Something Bears veteran QB Jay Cutler struggled with the entire game. Late in the 4th quarter the Bears picked up their 2nd TD when Eddie Royal took a punt 66 yards down the sideline for the score.

Injuries rocked an already talent-limited team. Jay Cutler left early in the 4th quarter with an injury to his right (throwing) hand. After the game, Jay came out to the podium in a cast.

I’m not sure what the rest of the season has in store for the bears, but it is not looking good. Most likely, they will head to Dallas with Brian Hoyer as the starting QB. The offensive line showing no signs it can pass block or run block.

The saddest part in all of this is, if the Pace/Fox regime doesn’t work out, it will be the 4th coach/GM combo that the Bears have had in the last 4 years. The Bears will more than likely give the duo one more year. Not sure how I feel about that, considering not much has panned out for them so far. If the Bears end up with a top 5 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, do you trust Pace/Fox to draft a future QB? Right now, I can’t say that I do.

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2 Responses to The heat is on for Fox, Pace

  1. repgrind says:

    Note to self: Stream DSTs that are facing the Bears. >.>

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