Walking Dead Weekly: Fear the Walking Dead

Last night’s episode, Pillar of Salt was another meaty installment in the second half of season two. It had some flaws. but overall was excellent. Before we get into that,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

There were a couple things that bugged me–mildly. Another person uses “zombie” blood to hide from the infected. I get it. It’s a great concept, but to have it be used over and over, is kind of overkill. Another speech by Alejandro. I get he felt he needed to address his flock but, meh. Strand injured again? COME ON! Leave my guy alone. Okay, on to the good stuff!

Ofelia is back, and she is a sexy badass! Where has this been? This is another example of someone being a little bit of a “nobody” before the apocalypse and then blossoming into a full blown ass-kicker afterwards. Not sure if she will get to that level, but damn, she made a heck of a stride.

She took the truck and stocked it with supplies including a nice hammer she puts to good use in tearing off an infected’s head. We get to see some nice backstory and what she can do alone. I hope they are not just setting her up to make her death more meaningful.

No Bueno: Francisco takes his family and leaves the Colonia where they are promptly caught by Marco who has been searching for them. Because of editing, it looks like they were stopped literally a block or two away from the Colonia, which was kind of annoying. I’m sure it was a few miles?

Hotel California? I love the song that plays as we get to see the hotel being cleaned up and restored to former glory. The generator gets going and they fire up the power for a bit. Madison and the group start talking about plans to use the generator once a week or so. Things start feeling pretty cool…

Knock, knock–stab! Strand opens the door for who he thought was Hector. Turns out it was a psychotic Ilene who wanted some payback for her daughter being killed. She stabs Strand with a steak knife, and I almost lose my sh-t. I mean seriously. The group then makes plans to visit a warehouse to get medical supplies to get Strand healed up. Madison lays down the law and says the next person to lay a hand on another person gets exiled.

I’m the boss and I say we stay: Luciana asserts herself and then kisses Nick passionately. They have quite the fiery relationship. Makes me wonder how hot it will get when it flames out. Oh, come on. These things don’t last forever folks.

Family reunion: Elena and Madison make their way to the warehouse to get the meds for Strand. Turns out to be the same warehouse Nick and Luciana frequent. Small world, this Mexico. Hector’s brother is not so happy to see her and even less that Hector didn’t come. They let the women in and tell Carlos he needs to stay out. Madison overhears Marco talking to Francisco who was brought back for interrogation. Hearing that a “ratty-haired” gringo was bringing drugs there, she immediately knows it’s Nick (slight eyeroll), and runs up to the room where Marco was at. Very slick.

I see you looking at me, looking at you: Nick sees Marco looking at the Colonia through binoculars. Apparently Nick has really good vision because he didn’t need enhancement to spot the leader of the warehouse.

You light up my life: Madison rushes to turn on the hotel lights as soon as she gets back from the medicine run. It’s a beacon in the dark for anyone from miles around to see. In a nice scene Alicia convinces Madison to turn the lights off.

This episode nicely set up some things to come over the final two episodes of season 2. However, it left a lot of questions to be answered, which is good. Hopefully they don’t leave us hanging too bad when it’s all said and done.

Questions: Looks like Ofelia is headed back to the States to find her boyfriend. Very ballsy, but maybe not the smartest thing to do in the new world. How far will she get? Will she find her way back to the group?

Will Strand recover? When he initially got stabbed, I was less concerned, but as the show went on, he kind of got philosophical. He also had a nice scene with Alicia. He survived a gunshot, so he should be able to survive being stabbed with a steak knife, right? He better be.

What will happen to Ilene? They said to lock her up and watch her. I don’t have much faith in her recovering. She lost her husband and daughter in the span of minutes. I think they are going to regret not taking care of her.

Is Alejandro losing it? He’s definitely lost confidence in himself. Paranoia is causing him to question his two most loyal subjects in Luciana and Nick. An attack on Colonia is imminent. Will he hold it together or buckle under pressure? Who will he take down with him? I have a feeling it could be Luciana.

When will Marco attack? We know he knows where Colonia is. Will he attack next episode or continue to survey and plan?

Who else saw the hotel lights? We know Travis saw them, and will probably make his way there sooner or later. From the looks of next week’s preview, he and Chris are headed for a parting of ways. I think him leaving Chris would be the nail in the coffin as far as Chris turning full-evil. Who else saw the lights though? Infected? Marco’s group? Daniel?

Weapons? Yeah. It’s almost the end of season 2 and our group doesn’t have a single weapon. Well, Chris does, but he’s not really part of our group anymore. There are some knives and hammers, but nothing really formidable. When will this change?

Zombie kill of the week: There were only two I think, but that doesn’t really matter. Ofelia runs away with her hammer-smash of an infected. The initial hit was nice and powerful, but what sold me was the way she just ripped it out–taking half the zombie skull with it.

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