Brawl of the week: Randomonium (again)

This week’s Brawl: Randomonium (again) is the bane of many player’s existence. I like the concept that the mana cost of your cards can change from round to round, but the RNG is a killer.


Started out with the mage, as I am want to do, but that did not work out for me so much. One thing I will say is, battles that look one sided early can change.


I thought I had a really good start, but no. It was not meant to be.


So, I went with the priest. Things didn’t get any better.


Did the priest thing again and got turned into Ragnaros, which ultimately didn’t work out for my opponent. I sneaked out the win, and I am done with brawl for the week.

The one good thing is you get to pick your class, so you could use this to get dailies done. I don’t have that much patience, but you might love it! Get in and get your free pack, then enjoy it or wait ’til next week!


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