Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

Last night we got the 2nd to the last episode of season 2, (kind of) Date of Death. Kind of a “coming out” of sorts for Chris, some closure for Travis, and a revelation for Alicia. Before we get into it,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

I’m not sure they needed an entire episode to set up Chris and Travis parting ways. Especially with only “one” episode left (it’s really 2 one hour episodes). That being said, Date of Death had a lot to offer.

2 steps up, one step back: We start out with a flash forward of Travis making his way to the hotel. We then go back to when Baby James got shot by the farmer. Then to the present where Travis fixes his gunshot wound. Turns out it was a “through and through”, which means simply that the bullet exited cleanly.

Sorry, but I’m not sorry: Travis and Chris have an eye opening conversation that leaves Travis asking him where his morals are? We get a scary look inside the head of what probably will become one of the biggest serial killers of the zombie apocalypse. If it wasn’t a TV show it would be very chilling.

Tribute to Eastman: It was not lost on me how Travis found the driver’s license from the farmer, then carved his name into the cross that he had put in the ground to make his grave. Probably one of the most symbolic gestures that one is still clinging to their values. It was also a nice nod to Eastman from The Walking Dead.

Travis makes his stand: Travis ends up snatching a gun when the group wants to kill Baby James because he is “dead weight”. He buys the kid some time, but in the end it doesn’t really matter.

Trick or treat: Was a little surprised that Chris had to trick Travis into thinking the other two bros were gone so that they rush in and kill their buddy who was recovering from a clean gunshot wound. That should tell Chris all he needs to know about his “friends”. Of course, it could very well have been Chris’s idea. He seems to be fully on board with any kind of killing–friend or foe. This is great set up for things to come.

Ride on: Chris goes with the two bros, telling Travis he can’t adapt to this new world. Travis pleads with his son, but in the end curses him as they drive off for San Diego.

I was wrong: I was wrong about Chris–slightly. I thought Travis would be leaving Chris once he saw the hotel lights. Turns out Chris booted Travis out of the group. Either way, he cut ties from his past, and his only living family member.

Travis come home: Travis makes his way to the hotel where we see a bunch of people at the gate wanting to come in. Somehow Madison was able to let just Travis in, and lock the gate back up. Travis is pretty much a zombie as he was processing everything he experienced from the last few days.

Confession: Madison takes Alicia out onto the pier to tell her what really happened to her father. It was a little sappy, but nicely acted. I really liked how Alycia Debnam-Carey played the scene out. It was very realistic. The bond between the two ladies was genuine and concrete. Pretty much the mirror opposite of Travis and Chris.

Too many mouths to feed: The group chose to let all or most of the people outside the gate inside the hotel area. We see them in an underground parking garage. The group is looking them over to assess their condition, giving minor medical attention to those who need it. I’m going to say this might be a really bad decision. Not sure what would stop a bunch of them from just grabbing what they can get and taking off. Hopefully the group reinforced the doors so they can’t get into the hotel itself.

Wolves at the door: At the end of the episode we see Brandon and Derek outside the gate. Chris is not shown, but could be nearby.

Questions: My biggest question right now would probably be how long until the new arrivals riot and try to take over the hotel? I’m hoping the have them in a secure area. I don’t really expect the original group (including Carlos and his group) to stay there much longer. Especially with the revelation that the bros are outside.

Why did the bros not go to San Diego? Did they see the lights or did something else happen? Where is the truck? Did it break down. Did they run into someone and have the truck hijacked? Where is Chris? Maybe they parked the truck and walked up to not draw attention to themselves. This could explain why Chris is not there. He could be waiting with the truck.

Will the bros and/or Chris try to take over the hotel? Will the lead the chaos or take advantage of it, if it happens to start without them? Either way, I feel the bros and Chris will play a part in the probable fall of the hotel.

Who else saw the lights of the hotel? We now know lots of people did. Could Daniel have if he escaped his fiery fate? Did Marco see them when he was out looking for la Colonia? Possibly too far for Nick and his group to see.

Are they ever going to get or make some weapons? I don’t see how they can keep the bunch of people they let into the hotel without them. If an armed group comes knocking they are pretty much toast.


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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly: Fear The Walking Dead

  1. otherJeff says:

    From the preview clips, I’m thinking it’s Marco and the group from the ‘store’ that come knocking at the hotel. I sorta think maybe Nick and his new girlfriend Lucille (?) catch wind of Marco going after the hotel and find (help?) Maddie and the others as well as the new group from the hotel.

    I think Chris and his little rat bastard bro’s ran into trouble some how and thats why they are heading to the hotel, for help/shelter not to raid it or cause trouble….unless the opportunity presents itself.

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