Walking Dead Weekly: Fear the Walking Dead

Last night we got not one, but two episodes dropped on us. Wrath, and North. In order to keep things sane, I am going to break them down separately. Before we get started,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Wrath was maybe my favorite of the two. It went by so fast I was actually surprised when the credits started rolling. There is so much to get into, so roll up your sleeves and grab a tasty beverage.

Breakdown: The truck Ofelia appropriated (stole) had a radiator issue. No problem for her. She gets out, kicks a little ass, and takes ‘er on down the road a piece. Picks up another nomination for zombie kill of the week in the process.

Love shack baby: Nick leaves Luciana in bed as he wakes up to go on his midnight drug run to the warehouse. Once he gets there, Marco is finalizing a deal with his new drug buddy. He tells Nick he no longer needs his “shit”. He also tells them to leave of be killed.

Medical attention: Andreas is working on the people they let in last episode. Two mouthy Americans get the attention of Madison and Alicia. Turns out they are Brandon and Derek. After a few seconds of talking to them, Madison believes that they were with Chris. It’s almost annoying how she does this. I know it’s a show but still, Mexico is not a small place. Madison decides it’s best to move them before Travis finds them.

Bitten for real: Nick tells Luciana he went to see Marco and they are coming for them. She tells them they need to tell Alejandro. While talking to Alejandro, a newly animated infected gets up and tries to bite Nick. Alejandro steps in and takes the bite for him. Nick and the infected flip over a rail and the infected lands on a man in a bed. The infected conveniently bites his nose off, then bites a finger of a woman as she tries to pull it off the poor man. Nick sits on the floor like he’s never seen an infected do this before. Which I thought was quite odd. It might have been a reaction to seeing Alejandro getting bit, and the look on his face. Either way, very odd for Nick to sit there and do nothing. Nick finally get’s up and plunges both thumbs into the eye sockets of the infected, eventually killing it. I thought that was particularly symbolic. Alejandro reveals his bite to Nick and Luciana.

What is seen cannot be unseen: Travis hears an angry mob and goes to the window where he sees Madison leading a couple people in front of a mob of refugees. He somehow is able to make out that it’s Brandon and Derek (again, it’s a TV show) and bolts out of the hotel room. Strand yells out for Travis, in vein. Travis catches up to Madison and the Bros at the gate as she was preparing to get them out.

Revelation: Alejandro pays Nick and Luciana a visit and learns that he is planning on leaving. During the conversation, Nick gets Alejandro to admit he is not immune to the walker bite. It was the junkie he was trying to save that bit him. Luciana is in disbelief until she feels Alejandro’s head which is warm. She than says he is “dead to her”.

Welcome to America: Ofelia happily finds a hole in a fence and makes her way through it. A little later she comes up on a hill and gets shot at. She retreats and takes cover, knife in hand. We see a dude walk up carrying a rifle, and I hoped it was Daniel. It was not, and that is the last we see of Ofelia until next season.

Wrath: Brandon gets his shoulder fixed and Travis makes him tell them what happened to Chris. He picks up on two different versions of Chris being pulled out, or Chris crawling out of the truck. Not buying their story, he slowly closes the door and locks it, leaving only the bros and him in the room. Madison pleas for Travis to open the door and not do what she knows (and everyone else does) he is going to do. Travis brutally beats the two bros to death. At one point he stops and gets a different version out of Brandon in which, Brandon says he put Chris down. This scene reminded me a lot of the end of Se7en–when Brad Pitt finds out what is in the box. Travis goes full Rick on the two. Oscar gets in and tries to get Travis to stop, but he is knocked down and sustains a critical head wound.

We get a chilling flashback during this scene of Brandon walking up to Chris who crawls out of the truck. He raises his rifle and calmly shoots Chris in the head.

Looks like they changed the name on the episode from the time they shot it to the time they aired it. I kind of like North better.

North starts out right where Wrath ends: Hector and Andres break a window and grab Travis. Two others take Oscar out. Madison gets Alicia’s knife and goes back into the building where the bros are to make sure they don’t reanimate.

I wouldn’t die for him, and I am not dying for any of you: Strong words from Strand as Madison and Alicia decide what to do. Strand will not have Travis in the hotel, and neither will Elena, Andres, or Hector. Madison’s “rule” of no violence is tossed back in her face. Strand may be hurt that Madison is considering leaving the hotel, and him over Travis.

Sharp dressed man: Nick finally has a sleek new ensemble–black shirt and pants, dark navy blue jacket with spiffy stripe on it. Same busted shoes though. Hey, it’s progress.

On second thought: Nick leaves la Colonia while Alejandro addresses the community one last time. Nick notices a helicopter off in the distance and thinks it landed in some kind of refuge/safe zone and rethinks his choice to leave.

A family that kills together stays together: Travis and Madison have a nice conversation about who has changed more now that they have killed in the apocalypse. Madison tells Travis about Celia, and hints that she was “like this long before”. Makes you wonder if she had something to do with her husband’s death.

Room disservice: Hector and Andres visit Travis and want to thank him for killing Oscar. Exile is off the table and murder is in play. Alicia puts her two cents in and stabs Andres in the chest with her butterfly knife. A struggle ensues and Strand comes in with a gun, and asks everyone to stop. “We have to leave” Strand says, and I get very excited. Nobody makes sure Andres will not reanimate. This was not brought up on Talking Dead by the way. Could be huge for next season or a simple slip up.

Stranded: Strand leads Madison, Travis, and Alicia down to a vehicle and gets them ready to go. He then says he’s not going with them. Totally playing with my emotions. He hands his gun to Madison, and the trio take off without Strand. /cry.

Godsmack: Nick bargains with Alejandro to let the community leave with him. He crushes some oxy and heats it up to get it into liquid form. He then injects it into Alejandro’s arm to swiftly give him some pain relief. I totally thought of the linked video as this was playing out.

Too easy: Marco and his crew rumble into la Colonia, killing a bunch of infected. “Too easy” he says as they met no resistance, save the few infected. They quickly realize the community have run off. They start killing more infected but start to see there are more than they thought there were. Alejandro heroically gets to the bus and moves it from keeping the infected out. They pour into the Colonia as soon as he moves it.

Not as easy: Nick leads the happy bunch of Colonians through the streets and to the border, they are all disguised by zombie blood. Everything is not pinatas and rainbows though, as the group is under fire from the other side of the border. Luciana is wounded, and the group is quickly surrounded by armed men.

Almost there: After a quick pit-stop at the now vacant warehouse, Madison, Travis and Alicia find the Colonia, and see it is overrun with infected. They see Marco and his group have been turned. Travis and Madison pick up all the weapons that have been discarded by the living.

********** Hallelujah the group is now fully armed! ***********

It only took 2 seasons! I cannot tell you how happy this made me. Perhaps you can tell? The trio make their way to the bus and find Alejandro. Madison asks about Nick, and with his last breath, Alejandro says, “border”. I have to say as season finales go, this has got to be in the top 2-3 for me. I strongly like where season 3 is headed.

Questions: We had a lot answered in the past two episodes. That being said, there still are some major things to ponder going forward. My biggest question: What is Strand’s plan? I mean seriously? I think he is really into Madison, like beyond a physical or emotional thing. I think he really got hurt when she told him she was sticking with Travis, the man who “abandoned her”. I think Strand feels safe with Madison, however seeing how easy she kills and takes care of infected, that might have died down a little. Strand is one of my favorites, so I hope he comes to his senses soon. I also hope he gets the Abigail back.

Who took Ofelia? Pretty sure we will find out soon, hopefully in the season premiere. Is it a friendly group or a bad group? Is it the same group who fired upon Nick and the Colonians?

Who fired on the Colonians? Is it the people from the camp Nick saw? If they are ex-US military, this could be a problem. We have seen how those types can be once law and order no longer exists.

Missing in action: Daniel, you guys know I keep asking about him. We all know he’s out there. What about Alex, and Alicia’s crush–Jack?. Also, Abigail was taken. Is she still afloat? Was she sent to Davey Jones locker?

Will the group unite now that they are all in (or will be) the same direction? (North, duhhh). Will Madison, Travis and Alicia be the ones to save the Colonians, as they now are packing serious heat? They might need to meet up with a few more people. They also are not proficient with guns (plus Travis HATES guns, remember?).

Zombie Kill of the Week: Ofelia has worked herself into one badass zombie killing chica. Her “take out the leg” then hammer the head move this week was sweet. She used a car door to push back another infected. Slammed one in the hood of her truck. That’s a tough act to follow. Nick plunging both thumbs into an infected because he had no weapon was pretty crazy. Still, Ofelia taking on multiple walkers, and so artfully. I have to give the nod to her. She raised her game this week for sure.

I think we can all say Fear The Walking Dead has caught up to the original series with this half of season 2 in terms of characters/story, and just overall development. Much like the world got a lot bigger for The Walking Dead, it’s about to get a lot bigger for FTWD too. Cannot wait to get back to it in the spring of 2017. Hope you guys enjoyed the second half of season 2 as much as I did. See you after the premiere of season 7 of The Walking Dead. We will have much to discuss!

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One Response to Walking Dead Weekly: Fear the Walking Dead

  1. other Jeff says:

    I’m pretty sure the people/person Ofelia ran into is different then the ones Nick and company encountered. The ones attacking Nick are obviously bad, I dont get the feeling they are any part of any military group, they seem just like bandits. Kinda getting the vibe they are not with the group flying the helicopter.
    And….pretty sure Daniel is history (save for a flashback). Same with the Abigail.
    Not sure what up with Strand staying behind, maybe too weak still to travel and fight? Maybe just too tired of running??
    I also think sooner or later he will become the leader of the hotel people. Probably a separate story line from the rest of the group…but just maybe. I can sorta see Nick and some of his group getting away from the attackers, heading back south and running into Maddie and Travis. After they tell them what happened at the boarder the decide safest course would be to head back to the hotel. Maybe head back to la Colonia, lure out the walkers and make that place their home again.

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