1st and 5

Week 4 in the books and the NFL season is a quarter over. October ushers in colder weather in most parts of the US, but we should all have a better handle on our teams. Unless we have key injuries at certain positions. I am rambling, so let’s just get to work, eh?

QB: Carson Wentz, Eagles- The QB pool has kind of dried up. The scrubs are coming out. Wentz, and fellow rookie Dak Prescott, Cowboys- may be your best options right now. Alex Smith, Chiefs- is solid, but rarely breaks 300 yards or throws more than 1-2 TDs in any given game.

RB: Terrance West, Ravens- West is back east! His competition, Justin Forsett came to a mutual agreement with the Ravens to part ways, leaving the door wide open for West to run through. I’d keep my expectations low, but if you are looking for a RB week 4, you are probably needy.

WR: Eddie Royal, Bears- I can’t believe I am suggesting it, but with Brian Hoyer in the pocket, he is getting the ball out quick to whoever is open. Royal is a crafty route runner, and when healthy is a poor man’s Emannuel Sanders. OK, really poor. He’s not going to hit 100 yards every week, but is definitely a WR2 as long as Hoyer is the Bears QB.

TE: Hunter Henry, Chargers- Henry looks like he and Philip Rivers are getting quite cozy with one another. He doesn’t have a bye until week 11, so that’s a lot of time to check things out if your TE is on a bye this week.

D/ST: Rams- After a bad week one, they have actually been pretty solid. They needed a TD in week 3 to keep them at 10 points a game or more for the last 3 weeks. Still, not bad for this far into the season. Snag the up if your D/ST is not giving you at least 8-10 points per game.


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