Brawl of the week: A Friendly Game of Chess

This week’s Brawl of the week is: A Friendly Game of Chess. It is a PvP version of the Chess fight from Karazhan. If you haven’t played Karazhan, well, you are missing out!


A boring game of chess.

Your deck consists of random chess pieces, and your hero power is an underwhelming, “move a minion to the left” for 1 mana. This is repeatable. It only seems to work for my opponent.



There is no difference between which king you are, other than the name and color. Both sides have the same group of minions and same hero power. The match basically comes down to RNG. Can you outdraw your opponent? Mercifully, you both have 10 health. This match wasn’t all that fun in Karazhan*, and is easily the worst Tavern Brawl to date.


Finally got the upper hand!

Maybe you will enjoy it! I got my free pack and I won’t be worrying about this one again. Sadly, I have the Win 5 Tavern Brawl quest on my 2nd account. I will be dropping it. Not going to subject myself to try and win 4 more of these painful matches. See you next week!


Then they concede.


*Okay, it was fun the first time around, but the luster wore off quickly (I did it on two accounts)


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4 Responses to Brawl of the week: A Friendly Game of Chess

  1. repgrind says:

    not. fun. Then again, ladder hasn’t been fun lately either *mumbles something about meeting secret paladin with a golden hero at rank 20*

    • oxxo910 says:

      Yeah. I ran into some pecker on my 2nd account, ranked 19, had a control warrior deck with like 4-5 legendaries. Gorehowl, 2 Brawls. I was using a Shaman deck with 1 legendary. No clue how they match players. Strength of your deck should come into play.

      • repgrind says:

        Maybe just because it’s early in the month. Theoretically those people should rank up and be above us soon. It’s weird though, one night can be horrible and the next the exact opposite. I was 4-1 last night after going 0-5 two nights ago so … *shrug*

      • oxxo910 says:

        It sure is. Took me forever to win games on my Zoo lock. Had to change things around. Seems like everyone is playing aggro decks now.

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