Brawl of the week: All-Star Squad

This week’s Tavern Brawl is: All-Star Squad. We have had variations of it before. In this particular match, you pick a card and get 22 copies of it, with 8 random class cards. Oh yeah!


Hey now, you’re an All-Star!

For some reason I was bent on playing a shaman, so I thought Evolve might be nifty. It might have been OK, if my opponent didn’t decide to litter the field with Webspinners. Yeah, total jackass. (of course I am mad I didn’t think of that) I had to scrap that game.


The “meh-lstrom” Portal deck!

I had another brilliant idea: Maelstrom Portal. I figure, do 1 damage and get a minion. Then I run into a mage playing Arcane Missiles. Heh, nice idea up front, but with no way to feed yourself more than 1 card, you’ll run out. Haha.


I beat your crappy deck with my crappy deck!

I got so excited when I finally had some minions on the board, I was not quick enough when my opponent checked out. Sorry!

So get yourself in there and have some fun. You can pick your class and your one card, so that should be interesting. Until about 5-6 pm, then you will see the same 2-3 decks over, and over. And over. Have fun. See you next week!

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8 Responses to Brawl of the week: All-Star Squad

  1. repgrind says:

    22 Prince Malchezzar? 😀

  2. repgrind says:

    I got my win though and got a Sylvanas in my pack to dust. Now … should I craft Ysera, or Malygos?

    • oxxo910 says:

      Tough call. Maly is fun, but I can’t seem to get him in my hand and actually play it AND have a spell. I haven’t really built a deck around it though. I would go with Ysera. That card can swing momentum/save your butt. It really needs no other conditions.

  3. Dobablo says:

    I tried out a swashburgler-rogue. Results were mixed. It is slower than a mindblast-priest but the number of options and always having cards in my hand make it great fun to play.

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