Michael Crabtree could be positive example for Kevin White

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree could be a positive example for Bears receiver Kevin White. Crabtree was a highly rated pick when the 49ers selected him 10th in the 2009 draft.

Before the draft it was learned that Crabtree had a stress fracture in his foot, and would need surgery. Much like Kevin White, it was speculated he had sustained it training for the draft. Crabtree would later say he had it for about a year. He then sustained a broken foot in off season workouts the next year. In 2013, Crabtree suffered a rupture to his Achilles tendon. After his contract expired he signed with the Oakland Raiders, and as of this moment has 355 yards receiving and 5 TDs.

The morale of the story is, even though Kevin White has had some injuries at the beginning of his career, there is hope that he can come back and have a productive football career. So far, it’s only been lower leg issues with Kevin. He can actually come back a little stronger, having another season in an NFL training program.

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