Criticism of Hoyer should be aimed at Fox, Pace

After the Bears latest loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, fans and some media look to put the blame on Bears backup quarterback Brian Hoyer. Charges I think should be better levied against Bears management. Head coach John Fox and general manager Ryan pace, specifically.

Ryan pace is on record saying his draft philosophy is to draft a QB every year. He’s had 2 drafts so far, but no QBs have been drafted by him. He did go out and bring in Tim Shaw, and sign Brian Hoyer. In addition, Ryan Pace’s two first round picks have had some real problems getting on the playing field, and staying on the playing field. This is a major problem. The Bears as an organization have had problems with their draft picks staying on the team. Historically, this is simply not how you get it done. Certainly not for any long term success.

Has Brian Hoyer been perfect? Definitely not. He’s going to make mistakes. He has only been in the Bears system for a few months. When NFL free agency first started, it was unheard of for a QB to come in and learn the system in a year, let alone, one off season and a handful of games. Nowadays, the process seems to be accelerated, either by need or consequence. For every example of this working out, there are 2-3 examples resulting in failure.

What Hoyer has done : Keep the chains moving. Sustained drives not only get more players involved, it keeps the other team’s offense off the field, and the Bears defense resting as well. It also helps to develop young Bears players like Jordan Howard and Cameron Meredith. He’s also held onto the football. In 4 games starting he has yet to throw and interception. Hoyer seems to make the players around him better, simply by getting the ball in their hands quickly. This allows them to use their natural ability. No greater example than the emergence of Cam Meredith who has had two 100+ yard receiving games in the last 2 weeks.

What Hoyer hasn’t done: Put up a lot of points. I don’t really get this criticism. In Hoyer’s first 3 starts, he put up 2 TDs in each game. Cutler has only thrown 3 TDs once (going back to 2015, and never threw 2 TDs or more 3 games in a row. The Bears have also commuted 15 offensive penalties in the last 3 games. I get that the NFL is a bottom line business and the bottom line is, the Bears aren’t winning. They have had their chances in the last few weeks and simply haven’t taken advantage. I don’t think this lands on any single player, but the QB does take more blame.

I would personally like to see Hoyer play out the string. There is little to no reason to put Jay back in. We know what he has done over the years. I wouldn’t mind seeing what Matt Barkley could do at some point, but I think they should allow Hoyer to continue, unless he regresses or starts to force balls in, and throw interceptions.

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