Brawl of the week: ShiftCon

This week’s Tavern Brawl is ShiftCon, we have had it as recently as June. Pick a class and your deck will be filled with “shifters” and random spells. There is a strong RNG factor, but a good deal of strategy as well.



The strategy comes in with waiting on the cards to change. I kind of made a mistake and played a card early. My opponent took it out, and suddenly I was looking at a serious disadvantage. They got me to 4 health before I made my comeback. Getting a couple cards really helped, but I also took a deep breath, and simply didn’t lay a card down one turn. This is the beauty of the ShiftCon. Do nothing one turn, be rewarded the next. Can you handle the swings?


Wait for your card.

You may want to resist the temptation to throw an “inferior” minion out early. Waiting for stronger cards can be the difference between winning and losing.


After getting pounded early, I almost conceded. I bet my opponent was glad I didn’t :p

So get on in there and see what the shifters bring you. You can pick any class, so you have that flexibility to do your dailies with. Get your free pack, and have you some fun. See you next week!

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