SportsBard Weekly

Trying a new thing out here. A weekly recap of all my posts. I know you guys might be busy and not have had the time to pick up what I have been putting down, so here is a one-stop recap where you can easily access my posts from the following week. Hope this is something that works for you. Thanks for stopping by!

Brawl of the week: ShiftCon– If you don’t play Hearthstone, you could check this out and see what the weekly “Tavern Brawl” is. Hearthstone is a fun, strategy-based card game. It’s done completely online.

1st and 5– Waiver wire “pickups” for NFL week 7. Whether you are a casual or pro at Fantasy Football, this is a “cheat-sheet” of players you might want to add to your team!

Criticism of Hoyer should be aimed at Fox, Pace– My take on the Bears situation after another tough loss.

Cubs win despite Maddon’s best effort to lose the game– I had some strong thoughts about the way Cubs manager Joe Maddon handled game 1 of the National League Championship Series.

Michael Crabtree could be positive example for Kevin White– Some thoughts on how Crabtree’s early years could relate to the Bears twice injured receiver.

Cast the first stone– A poem about life, and judgment, and how maybe we should think a little before we condemn someone.

That is it! I had one full week there. Hope you enjoyed one or more of my posts. See you next Thursday!

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