New Hearthstone dailies with latest patch

If you have played Hearthstone in the last couple days, you might have noticed you had to download an update. Patch 6.2 brings some changes to Murloc cards, fixes some bugs, and brings new dailies to the table. I checked out the patch notes* and I seemed to only see the first two items. Hearthhead though, covers the dailies.


It looks like there are quite a few. I have only encountered 3 myself. Play 30 shaman class cards (40 gold), play 75 Battlecry minions (100 gold), and play 50 druid cards (60 gold).


I love these types of quests because you don’t have to suffer the frustration of wins/losses just to get some dailies done. It also lets you build wild (not Wild, but I suppose you could do that too!) decks that don’t focus on winning. Which I think is great for everyone. I hope they have some really wacky ones.

* It’s on the downloader, but is only one little line!

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