Walking Dead Weekly: I called it! (kind of)

Last night we finally got to find out who got killed at the end of season 6. I have to say I was not all surprised. I was a little annoyed they made us wait even longer, but in the end, it paid off. Before we go any further,

*****Spoiler Alert******

Some people will be sad, some will be mad, and some of you crazy MFers, are happy! I took it all in stride, I mean, they told us what to expect. They even hinted it might be more than one person–they didn’t lie to us (this time!).

They did dangle us in (mother effing) suspense while Negan took Rick for a ride in the Motor home of death. I have to say I am digging Negan more than I thought I would. I think that is all set up by them teasing the death(s) for six months.

I called it! (kind of): Okay, I get to bring up the fact that I wrote about who Negan was going to kill way back on April 4th. Pretty much right after watching the finale. I went through it kind of step by step, taking what I knew from the comics, who would be the biggest impact. I’m proud of myself that I didn’t waiver after seeing the 3 minute trailer “Right hand man” that came out a week or so ago. I was not 100% on two people getting clubbed, but I thought it was more likely than not.

Daryl in peril: Of course it wouldn’t be The Walking Dead if they didn’t close one chapter and open up a bunch more. After Negan brought Rick back, and was convinced Rick would work for him, he had Daryl loaded into a van. He mentioned he liked him and he wasn’t a “pussy” like the rest of them. Negan later threatens that if Rick doesn’t produce, he will either bring pieces of Daryl to him–or better yet bring Daryl to Rick and have him cut up his buddy.

You don’t know who you are messing with: Maggie’s first words after they are “let go” are for the group to go back to Alexandria and get ready for a fight. I’m really shocked she didn’t have the baby with all the stress she endured.

RIP Abraham Ford: His death was kind of senseless. I kind of get why Negan would have targeted him, he was by far the strongest looking member of the group. He stood erect and defiant where others were slouched and submissive. I feel like the only reason they killed him was to set up some shock on Glenn’s death, which was kind of predicted by the comic. Maybe they thought it wouldn’t be as big of a deal if they simply followed it. I dunno. I was miss Michael Cudlitz wit, charm, and character on the show. I’m glad we had him for as long as we did.

RIP Glenn Rhee: It was foreshadowed (maybe tested) last season. It mirrored the comic. It had to happen if they wanted to propel Maggie’s character as they did in the comic. That being said, it’s going to suck not having the post-apocalypse ubiquitous pizza delivery boy any more. The stunt they pulled last season with the dumpster definitely softened the blow. It made us explore our feelings how it would be like without Glenn on the show. Then there was the letter by Scott Gimple–I thought that was bush league personally. The show is great. At this point, you already got us hooked. No need for cheap parlor tricks. I will miss Steven Yeun a lot, and hope he gets another epic gig soon.

Who’s Negan? We finally met Negan in the last segment of the season 6 finale. I did not know Jeffrey Dean Morgan from his previous work, nor did I read the comic–so I wasn’t hyped when he came to the show. I can honestly say after one full episode, I am a fan. I do not love, nor do I hate Negan as this point. I will say he is damn charismatic. I am interested in seeing how his character grows. I am also intrigued by how he came to power. His group is so huge, why has no one challenged him yet? He’s gotta have a lot of enemy’s by now.

Questions: My biggest question is what’s going to happen with Daryl? Is Negan going to try and “turn him” or gain his confidence? Or will he simply be a prisoner to hold over Rick and his group? Will he get to “close Dwight’s eyes” or will that be a task for someone else?

Hilltop- friend or foe? Did Jesus know Negan’s group was that large when he made the deal with Rick or was he setting them up? Perhaps he wanted to thin out Rick’s group so they could take over Alexandria. Will they join with Rick and Alexandria and go to war with Negan and the Saviors?

More deaths on the way? When Beth died at the end of the first half of season 5, Tyreese followed the very next episode. It wasn’t the same but it pretty much sucked. Especially because they built the entire episode around his death. If they kill off Daryl, I don’t think it will be right away. I think it could be around mid-season. Either the finale or the beginning of the 2nd half.

How did Maggie keep the baby? I mean. With all that stress/anguish, and violence. First seeing Abraham smashed to bits, then seeing Glenn–the father of her child beaten into a bloody pulp. She wasn’t doing so well before the bloodbath started, so how in the world did she make it through? Will the baby make it?

Zombie kill of the week: Kind of mundane this week. I did get a chuckle out of Negan plowing walkers over in the motor home though. If I had to single someone out, I guess it would be him.

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4 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly: I called it! (kind of)

  1. other Jeff says:

    Opposite feelings here, I’m another step or two away from no longer watching the show anymore. It went from ‘realistic’ (well everything but zombies, which are 10,000% impossible scientifically), the Wolves were about the outer limits on plausible. Now it’s turning into a dark psychological type twister thriller.
    A Negan in real life would never have lasted this long ruling over a group and territory this large.
    And the next guy, good/bad..dunno doesn’t matter, King Ezekiel puh-lease…and with a pet tiger?!?!??! GTFO

    Rick (and the others) just showed they are the biggest pussys on the planet. Sorry, thats a fact now. What happened to the ‘fight against all odds” Rick of the past, the one who bit the throat out of the claimer dude that was about to rape his son and Michonne or the Rick that, when thrown in the boxcar at Terminus basically said ‘they dont know who they are fucking with’. The Rick that capped those two guys in the bar when Hershel went out on his bender??????
    He had SOOOO MANY opportunities to take out Negan, he wasn’t tied up in anyway, wasn’t beat to hell, he easily could have waited until just the right moment and sprung on Negan and ripped his throat off too by teeth or hands.
    “But he was vastly out numbered….but even if Negan was killed right away his men woulda still killed everyone else”… So what, better to take that chance the live a like a bunch of cowering pussies under such cruel oppression. So if Negans men killed the rest while Rick was killing Negan and then kill Rick too, they would have shot them (maybe even some of the quicker reacting members could have taken out a few of Negans men before they were killed), quick and easy, better then the agonizing slow tortured of getting your head bashed in, and far better then watching watching your family getting tortured, and then there is living in fear of Negan doing what ever the hell he wants for his own amusement. At least he’d die knowing he killed/mortally wounded that fucked up psycho.
    A real man, a free man, woulda taken that opportunity to take out Negan.
    Oh and I’m just as disappointed at Abraham, big badass, gung ho take NO shit from anyone soldier , just sits their and takes it. Sorry that defiant “suck my nuts” wasn’t bad ass, it was stupid and out of charictor for him. That only woulda worked if he was tied up and could nat do a single thing but “take it”. He too could have ducked or blocked the blow and ripped Negans head off before Negans men could have stopped him, especially being much bigger/stronger then the average size Negan, again, not to mention that could have/would have caused some of the others to also spring into action. A surprise attack like that from him, or Rick would have caught most if not all Negans men off guard.
    At the end, Abes character…pussy. Sorry.
    Daryl and Glenn…why tough battle hardened fighters, not sure either one is the type like Rick and Abe who SHOULD HAVE been the type to have sprung up, but still by now they should have been up to it. Verdict…..you guessed it, pussy. But again, I’m not quite as disappointed in their pussyness as I am with Rick and Abe.
    Carl seemed to be semi tough, telling Rick to just do it, and Maggie when she told Rick to form up an army to go after Negan.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Well you certainly have some strong thoughts there. I kind of view it like Terminus. They are waiting for an opportunity to strike. Rick did try to get Negan in the motor home, but he had a big machine gun right by his side. Yeah. Real tough guy.
      I brought up the question about how Negan could be in power so long. I also thought someone would have tried to kill him. Maybe they did? I read somewhere they are working on a prequel to show Negan’s backstory.
      As far as Rick giving up. I didn’t like it, but he is a smart guy. They will have a whole week to plan how to take out Negan before they meet again. I think Negan will be around for at least this season though. Probably the bulk of season 8.
      It sucks that you are mad with the direction of the show, but I can appreciate and understand that. I’ve had my moments with both shows. All I can say is, keep watching. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The Kingdom, even though the dude has a tiger, (could have got from a zoo) looks like its going to be neat.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. John Patrick says:

    Well, I watched the season premiere with friends – and mixed reactions all around. I thought Negan would choose Eugene, after all that character development he got at the end of last season.

    Wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚

    So, now the two characters that had died in the novels (up to now) are dead. However, the dynamic was different. Glenn’s demise in the novels was random and pointless. This time, it had purpose. A sad purpose, but there nonetheless. I will miss both of them going forward.

    SPOILER (sort-of): “King” Ezekiel is the leader of The Kingdom, a community also under the protection of the Saviors led by Negan. The tiger is from a zoo, and Ezekiel was its caretaker (along with the other animals). After the collapse, Ezekiel went back to the zoo to free the animals, and the tiger chose to follow him. Cool, I know.

    I am binge-watching “Fear the Walking Dead” and have picked up on the curious cultural divide in explaining the zombie apocalypse. It seems that folks south of the border see it as a natural phenomenon, a kind of ecological “reset” like the red tide. Following that paradigm, their response to it that “There is no God” is completely illogical. Good TV, but flawed logic. Beleiving the apocalypse to be a way of nature “resetting” the balance, faith and trust in the Almighty should be greater in rural Mexico. Add to that the predominant catholic influence in Mexican culture, and this result of dismissing God makes no sense. Of course, the show is written by Americans, so that should clear up the confusion. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also like the idea of a character in “Fear” that was immune to the bite of a walker. That bit actually is solid science. I wonder if we will see anyone on “Walking” that is similarily immune? Oh please let it be the pastor (played by Seth Gilliam). That would be so rich for a story.

    Looking forward to the season, and the quality post-mortem on ‘Walking Dead Weekly’.

    • oxxo910 says:

      Thanks for the detailed comment, and kind words! I hope Daryl doesn’t get too depressed at Glenn’s death because it’s pretty much him that got him killed. That is something the comic didn’t have to deal with. I have been reading up quite a bit on the characters in the comics (walking dead wikia) and so far I have to say I like every split the TV show took over the comic. I do wonder why they chose to kill off Abe after they said they were not happy with killing him off early in the comic. He had a good run last season though. They really did set him up (emotionally) when he told Sasha he changed his mind about having a kid. That’s why I had him ranked so high. That and the fact that he had no story left.
      However, Daryl, and Carol are in the same boat. I didn’t realize they killed Carol off way early in the comic. I can’t even think of her not being there to save the group like she has been doing.
      I kind of agree with you on Gabriel. I went from wanting him to be killed to really liking his character. I love the actor, and have loved his performance since he was introduced. I don’t know him from anything else but it’s easy to see he brings that dude to life so well.
      I’m glad you are watching Fear. It was a little slow in the first half of season two, but it really blossomed the last 6-7 episodes. I’m not sure it will ever get to where the Walking Dead is, but it has a lot of potential. Thanks again!

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