1st and 5

Man this season is flying by. Week 8 is here and is pretty much the halfway point–especially for us Fantasy goers. The injuries were not too bad–unless you are Geno Smith, but there are 6 teams on Bye-week (Ravens, Rams, Dolphins, Giant’s, Steelers, 49ers). Let’s see what we can do this week.

QB: Alex Smith, Chiefs- We have hit the point in the season where all the decent QBs have been snapped up (finally). The rest? Man. Maybe matchup based. Geno Smith might have been worth consideration but he’s done for the season. Brock Osweiler, Broncos is kind of a risk, but he’s playing Detroit this week. They are pretty much giving out TDs and 300 yard games like party favors.

WR: Brandon LaFell, Bengals- He’s only about 13% owned in ESPN leagues. Let’s be honest, he will not be a WR1, and maybe not even a high-end WR2. He will give you a decent chance at some solid point. Should be giving you 6-8 points every week, with a chance to give you 12-14. That’s not bad at this point in the season.

RB: Devontae Booker, Broncos- Normally I don’t like to get into the middle of Running Back By Committee (RBBC) but Booker is a unique cat. He’s got lots of speed and seems like a threat to score just about any time he has the ball. He’s also going up vs the Chargers, Raiders, and Saints in his next three games. After that folks, we’re talking about backups, and third string dudes.

TE: Gary Barnage, Browns- Should not be on the waiver wire. In fact, he’s almost owned 70% in ESPN leagues. If you are in the 30% that don’t have him on a roster, go get him. Vernon Davis, Redskins- is in an interesting spot. Depending on if Reed plays, Davis might be starting again.

D/ST: Falcons- I mentioned them before. They are putting up some points and only 7.2% owned. This week they have a tough matchup vs the Packers, but the Bears held them down for 3 quarters. If they get up on Green Bay, they are at home…



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