Kyle Schwarber joins Cubs in Cleveland for World Series

The 2016 season began ominously when left fielder Kyle Schwarber collided with center fielder Dexter Fowler. Kyle seemed to take the worst of it as he rolled over and stayed down. The Cubs would go on to a 25-6 record by May 31st, and Schwarber tabbed to come back in spring training 2017.


To even think there was any chance Schwarber could come back in the post season, was really silly talk. Complete lunacy. A lot of players aren’t the same after 12 months, and the norm is around 18 months to really get back to how you are before. There have been a few exceptions. There is Adrian Peterson the Hall of Fame in waiting running back who came back after 8 months and rushed for over 2000 yards.

On October 17th, Schwarber was cleared by his doctor. He then went to the Arizona fall league to take some live pitching. Apparently he handled everything well enough. Last night there were whispers, but today it has been confirmed. When I first heard Kyle was in the Arizona fall league, I thought at best he could DH. I hope that is what the Cubs do with him. I do not want to see him in the field for multiple reasons. Mainly, I don’t want him to suffer another injury, but secondarily, I don’t want him have to play the field after missing 6 months. Batting is going to be tough enough, but he won’t be a liability at the plate. At worst, he could ground into a double play or two. In the field, if he misplays a ball, it could cost them a game. You don’t want to put a young, highly talented player in that position.

The 2016 season has been a long one. The Cubs have caught their fare share of breaks. The stars are aligning, and the baseball “mojo” seems to be on their side. It should be interesting to see what kind of an impact Schwarber will have on the series. Buckle up!

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