Bears go back to Cutler after Hoyer injures arm

Inconvenient truth: Brian Hoyer broke his left (non throwing) arm last Thursday vs the Green Bay Packers. This week Jay Cutler’s thumb is medically cleared to pay. Either that is some kind of cosmic irony or Jay was ready and in a holding pattern. You decide.

The bottom line, Jay will be back under center on Monday night when the Bears will face the #1 ranked defense in the NFL. Cutler even joked about it. It’s nice to see he retained his sense of humor. My Cutler fandom has had it’s ups and downs, as much as he has had with the Bears. I am not going to pretend that things are going to work out good this time. The future is clear and it doesn’t have Jay in it. That being said, he kind of deserves better, at least from the head coach. That’s another post though.

It will be interesting to see how the offense runs under Jay. I would say give him a pass on the Vikings game for a couple reasons. First, he has been out for 5 weeks. Second, it’s the Vikings, who I mentioned, are pretty good at defense. Eventually, he’s going to have to get the offense going, and see if he can get Alshon Jefferey back to his All-Pro form. It will be also interesting to see how Cameron Meredith fits in with Jay, as he blossomed under Brian Hoyer. Admittedly, they are two very different quarterbacks.

Hoyer, is not a gunslinger. He gets the offense moving on time, hits receivers in stride, and doesn’t wait for guys to get open. He simply hits the open receiver. Which was kind of refreshing. He takes care of the ball and won’t force it in double coverage.

Cutler is a gunslinger. He holds onto the ball at times. He forces it into double coverage. He will run if need be. Jay puts the ball in harms way to make a big play downfield. He’s not worried about stats. He’s got a lot of qualities you would want at the position.

So what’s next for Jay? I think there will be at least 4-5 teams out there–hell, look at Sam Bradford. Who here thought he would be traded to Minnesota and take them to a 5-0 start before their first loss? Not me. Off the top of my head, I have to believe the Cardinals might want to replace Palmer with Cutler. Not sure what Palmer’s contract status is. Would his former coordinator, and now head coach Adam Gase be interested in Jay’s serviced? Who knows. I still am a Cutler fan, and I will be rooting for #6 wherever he goes. In this day and age where QBs play until they hit 40 (and sometimes beyond) he should have at least 1 more opportunity to lead a team.

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