1st and 5

Week 9 is up. October is in the books. Bye weeks are in full swing. Your team may or may not be busted. Let’s see what we got.

(Bye Week: Cardinals, Bears, Bengals, Texans, Patriots, Redskins)

QB: Nick Foles, Chiefs- This is only if Alex Smith can’t go. He was rumored to be in the concussion protocol after bouncing his head off the turf, then they said no. Concussions are tricky though, and symptoms can pop up later on. 6 teams off, and really not much to pick up. Tannehill vs the Jets maybe? Siemian vs Oakland seems like an epic coin toss, but the Raiders are giving up many points to QBs.

RB: Robert Kelley, Redskins-  He’s on a bye, but if you need a RB, you will gut it out. Derrick Henry, Titans- might be worth a flyer as the Chargers can’t stop the run, and he could produce backing up Murray.

WR: Kendall Wright, Titans- Blipped again on the radar. He made the most out of 4 catches. Mariota seems like he’s got his passing game going. The 1 point game vs Indy bothers me, but beggars shouldn’t be choosers, right? Mohamed Sanu, Falcons- is only 47% owned in ESPN leagues. If he’s not there and Julio is out, Taylor Gabriel could be a decent play.

TE: Eric Ebron, Lions- Made his presence be known vs the Texans. The Bears just gashed the Vikings for 100 yard to tight ends.

D/ST: Chiefs, Panthers, Bears- There are actually some decent defenses on waivers in my league. No clue why. My league is weird. There are lots of teams that have 2 tight ends. Anyways, if the Chiefs and Panthers are gone, and you don’t need a team this week, pick up the Bears. They have Pernell McPhee back, which is making their line a hell of a lot better. Pretty much held the Vikings to 3 points for the better part of 4 quarters. The Dolphins have a juicy matchup with the Jets this week.

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