Walking Dead Weekly

Man, last night’s episode, The Well was a drastic change of past from the season 7 premiere. It was bizarre and a little melodramatic at times. Underneath the sideshow though was some real substance, before we get into that…

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Welcome to the Kingdom! I heard/read about this as I was doing some poking around on Walking Dead Wiki as I am wont to do. I have to say it worked out a lot better than I thought. I liked seeing those dudes in their faux armor, riding horses, wielding spears. It kind of reminds me a little of the game Fallout, if you are familiar with that.

*****New Character: Ezekiel, Jerry*****

I love Carol’s reaction to the king. I am glad the way it played out, Morgan knew exactly how Carol was going to take it, but there she was, playing her role. That sequence was pretty awesome. Jerry is one cool dude. He’s got some jokes. It will be a competition between him and Eugene for line of the week.

*****New Character: Shiva*****

The man has a tiger: Yeah. I know some of you might be skeptical at the tiger, and I am really glad they laid out Ezekiel’s backstory so it made a little sense. Hey, if you made it through Rick talking to dead people on a phone that didn’t work, a tiger is not so bad is it?

*****New Character: Benjamin*****

Morgan meets a bunch of new people and helps them from some walkers. One of them, Benjamin, is a young man that King Ezekiel wants/needs to be able to defend himself so he can be a productive member of his council. We learn more later.

8 little piggies: I’m not sure how it’s going to play out but the idea of feeding walkers to the pigs they “trade” to the Saviors is brilliant on two levels. The obvious, they get bulked up pigs without having to use their own food on them. The subtle, they might be poisoning the Saviors. Remember the flu the group endured at the jail? Could be something like that. The little fight between Richard and the long haired dude made me want them to take care of the Saviors sooner than later.

Ezekiel wants Morgan to train Benjamin in the way of the staff. Morgan was hesitant at first but you could see he is making real progress with the young man. He has an inquisitive mind and loves to read. Not sure what the plans for this dude are, but he seems like he can grow into a huge role with the Kingdom and larger world. It’s The Walking Dead though, the nice ones are the first to go.

Go but not go: I really like Ezekiel’s plan for Carol (unless it’s just to get her away from the group and have her as a booty call). Let her be on her own, but still close to the group. I’m hoping he convinces her to be a “secret agent” of sorts and infiltrate the Saviors compound to learn more about them, maybe even plant something there or gain Negan’s confidence and eventually take him out. Carol would be perfect.

One of the cooler things about Ezekiel and the Kingdom is that he sees the potential in people. Much like Deanna did, Ezekiel recognizes talents and skills, and wants to put people in places where they can flourish.

Questions: Really postponed the questions for a week. This episode was all about this new settlement and it’s people. We see at the end Carol is fixing up a house at the outskirts of the Kingdom. By all appearances it looks like she’s going to have some kind of thing with Ezekiel–whether it’s a friendship or something more remains to be seen.

It’s going to be neat when Morgan goes back to Alexandria and tells Rick he has an entire settlement to help them fight the Saviors with. I guess my only question is, will Morgan go back? At the beginning it seemed he wanted to as soon as Carol healed up. Now that Carol is staying, will he stay or will he go?

Zombie kill of the week: Have to give it to the men and women of the Kingdom who used various weapons to dispatch walkers while riding horseback. Yeah. You go try that and get back to me. OK, the walkers don’t move a lot, but they did take out one horse.

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2 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. John Patrick says:

    I was very satisfied with the content of episode two. Great character development – and a break from the overwhelming emotional toll of episode one.

    And yes, Jerry is great! “Deuces!!” 🙂

    We have seen the very different social complexion of The Hilltop and The Kingdom. Members of The Hilltop know about Negan, and their mood is defeatist. The Kingdom is largely unaware of “The Saviors”, and their community has an air of hope and survival. It will be interesting to see how Alexandria deals with the reality of Negan, and how Rick might begin to weave together these three communities in common cause. It definitely won’t happen this season, but next one for sure. Negan will have his reckoning – and Abraham, Glenn, and everyone else the Saviors have brutalized will see justice done.

    I think episode three will be in Alexandria. I really can’t wait. But since the Cubs won the World Series, anything is possible!



    • oxxo910 says:

      I am also looking forward to Negan coming to Alexandria (as they teased in the preview) and eventually Rick or Maggie or even Morgan uniting the colonies to fight Negan. I don’t know how many seasons they have planned, but it seems like this one and the next will probably be two of the best seasons cover to cover.
      Go Cubs!
      Thanks for your comment!

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