SportsBard Weekly

Huge week since last we interacted. Halloween was on Monday, the Cubs won the World Series on Wednesday, then there was BlizzCon. I even started a new column. So check out what you might have missed!

Halloween Recap-Some Halloween themed music and movies. The holiday may be over, but you can still check it out and catch the vibe!

Bears go back to Cutler after Hoyer injures arm– NFL seasons can be unpredictable, but many new Cutler would be back at some point. Unfortunately it came at the expense of Brian Hoyer’s left arm.

Walking Dead Weekly– The second episode in season 7 was no letdown on content. It may have been a little slower, and less gory, but still full of intrigue. New characters are introduced as well as a new colony- The Kingdom!

1st and 5– NFL waiver wire pickups for week 9. If you are into Fantasy Football, this will help you get the jump on your competition.

Brawl of the week: Yellow-Brick Brawl-Another new brawl for Hearthstone! Pick 10 cards and they will give you 3 copies each. There is a twist, but I will let you find out what it is!

BlizzCon Opening Ceremonies kickoff at 11am (Pacific)-A simple announcement and the website where you can watch the live stream of the opening ceremonies.

The Clip: Featuring Midnight Run– My latest idea for SportsBard, a column focusing on music and movies. I give you a sample of something I love. This week it was the movie “Midnight Run” Featuring Robert De Niro, Charles Grodin, and Dennis Farina.



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