Walking Dead Weekly

Last night’s episode, The Cell was a very insightful one. Lot’s of story with Dwight, Negan, and how they are trying to break Daryl down. Before we get into it,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

I really didn’t want to start liking Dwight. I have this suspicion they are going to make us like Dwight. I so want Daryl to bash his face in. Maybe they will have a fight–then again, Eugene did chomp on his ding-ding a while.

This episode was very music driven. It opens with The Jam, A Town Called Malice, then Daryl wakes up to the same sugary-pop song (Easy Street) for what seems to be weeks. If you are like me, you wanted to shoot someone by about the third time they played it. Once again Scott Gimple loves to troll us.

Living Large: Dwight has risen to be quite the campus king. We see him make his way through the Saviors compound and pretty much take whatever he wants on his way to making a nice fried egg sandwich. Artisan bread, yellow mustard, heirloom tomatoes, bread and butter pickles, iceberg lettuce, and two free-range eggs. His lunchtime is interrupted by witnessing the walker mosh pit.

Dwight then sets out on his main task: Breaking Daryl Dixon down so he joins Negan as a henchman. Good luck on that one Dwight. Starts out with a dose of pop music, then some shit talking, then a dog food sandwich. I might have left out Daryl was naked and cramped up in a dark holding cell–hence the name of the episode. The clever part is, this episode shows how Dwight is also in a cell, as are pretty much all the members of the saviors.

Doctor on call: Dwight drags Daryl to visit the doctor to get checked out. He bumps into his ex-wife Sherry who is now–you guessed it: property of Negan. She reveals she took a pregnancy test and it came out negative. Dwight forces up a weak smile, and a “maybe nex time”, and the shift is on. We see Dwight as a person and not Negan’s #2.

By the letter: Dwight drags Daryl out to the fenced-in mosh pit where walkers are being herded to be stuck on poles or attached to the fence itself. There are men wearing similar clothes as Daryl, with different letters. Daryl has the reoccurring “A”, and the others have other letters of the alphabet. No clue what they correspond to.

He’s going apeshit: Negan and Dwight have a nice conversation about the state of our favorite badass: Daryl. Negan wants to reward Dwight with a night of sex–with his pick of a lady, as long as “she says yes”. He first offers him a “blast” from the past, indicating his ex-wife Sherry, but then says he is just messing with him. Negan further busts Dwight’s chops about being bit in the crotch by Eugene. Dwight is visibly uncomfortable and declines the offer. A voice comes over the radio and announces there is a “code orange”. Negan is put off by Dwight declining the offer for sex, and choosing to go after the “code orange”. Dwight then tells Negan he wants to go after the fleeing member because “he likes it”, and Negan is happy at that. You can see Dwight is either sucking up or perhaps trying to gain Negan’s confidence.

It’s a test: There are lots of little “tests” in this episode. Dwight testing Daryl, Negan testing Dwight. Negan testing both of them. One of Negan’s henchman, Fat Joe I think, tosses Daryl his “shit sandwich”, then closes the cell door, obviously not locking it. Daryl looks and listens to see if anyone was around and eventually pushes the door open. He runs into Sherry, who tries to talk him out of it. Eventually Daryl makes it out of the building and finds a bunch of motorcycles. His escape is soon cutoff as about 8 goons come out, followed by Negan. Negan asks everyone what their name is, and they answer: Negan. He then asks Daryl what his name is, and of course, he says Daryl. Negan fakes a blow to Daryl’s head with Lucile, but stops short of hitting him. He then leaves his goons to punish Daryl for trying to escape. At the same time we see Dwight walking with Daryl’s bike. The tire is flat and several spokes are hanging off the hub. Nicely done.

Heart to heart-less: Dwight has a conversation as he catches up to the “code orange”. Turns out it was someone Dwight knew (Gordon) and was friendly with. The runaway tries to convince Dwight to let him go. Gordon tells Dwight there is nothing left, and he might as well shoot him. Dwight counters with putting everyone Gordon knows on “the wall” and feeding them “shit sandwiches” for the rest of their short lives. Gordon gives in, and then tells Dwight “you won”, but that there is nothing left, and he knows it. Dwight appears to be in contemplation, but then shoots Gordon in the back.

You can be that guy: Negan has Dwight bring Daryl to an apartment/living area in the compound. He goes over Dwight’s relationship and how he got back in Negan’s good graces. He then explains to Daryl that there are three choices: Work for him as a walker on a spike, be a member and work for “points”, or be a henchman and live like a king. The choice to Negan is obvious. Daryl refuses to say he is “Negan” and Negan lets him know he made a dumb-ass choice. Dwight takes Daryl back to his cell. As Dwight puts him in there, Daryl reveals that he gets why Dwight crossed him and stole his bike and crossbow–because he was thinking of someone else. Daryl says that’s why he can’t “kneel”.

As you can see, the episode was filled with subtleties, nuances, symbolism, and flat out challenges. As I mentioned before Dwight is as much a prisoner in a cell as Daryl was.

Questions: Is Sherry for real? It seems she wants to help Daryl for some reason. Not sure why. She warns Daryl to go back when he was trying to escape, and another time–there is always more; things can always get worse. I’m not sure if she is testing Daryl or legitimately wants to help him because she now knows what Negan is all about.

Will Dwight break Daryl or will Daryl break Dwight? Seems like we have a case of immovable object vs irresistible force. Kind of. Not sure how irresistible Dwight is. During the “code orange” the runaway brings up the fact that there is only one “Negan” and hundreds of followers. Why hasn’t anyone overthrown him? The thought has to be more than one persons mind. Perhaps Dwight or Sherry will use Daryl as an asset.

Who is Daryl’s “reason” for not kneeling and serving Negan? Carol? Maggie? The entire group back at Alexandria? They all seem fitting, but I think he was singling someone out.

How will Daryl get out of Negan’s compound? Will he “pretend” and eventually go along with Negan? Will Dwight eventually appreciate Daryl’s resolve and use him/join up with him to overthrow the maniacal leader? I don’t think it will happen anytime soon, nor do I think Daryl will be in his cell for 5 more episodes. So what will give?

Zombie kill of the week: Dwight killed one with a gun, the runaway killed one with a knife. One jumped off the overpass. All of them were unspectacular. Take that as you will!





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4 Responses to Walking Dead Weekly

  1. other Jeff says:

    Yep, again, I question why none of these henchmen, especially Dwight, he DEFINITELY has motive, takes out Negan. Obviously Negan trusts and allows many of them to have weapons around him. Would be such a simple matter for one of them, either one that hates him or one thats just power hungry and wants to be the leader himself, to shank him. Dwight has been around him alone enough times, just act as casual as normal next to him or walking past him the suddenly WHAMMO SLICE AND DICE! No more Negan. He could easily hide the body long enough to grab Sherry and, being a top trusted henchmen, no one would question him as he left. Or, with Negan dead, most if not all the rest of the henchmen would, a) follow Dwight as the new leader, or b) at the very least be relieved this asshole they had to bow and kneel to is gone and they could still be a buncha bastards extorting food and supplies from other groups but tone things down a lot and at least make their compound a lot less stressful.
    For that matter, how super duper easy would it be for Sherry to kill Negan in his sleep…hell, that idiot Andria was just inches away from doing that to the Governor, idiot because she liked him too much and thought they could all live in happy town together. Sherry definitely has no such feelings for Negan.
    PAH-LEASE…I’m really tired the unrealistic ‘magic powers’ he has over his followers. Even Hitler (and other real life tyrants as well as good leaders) had numerous assassination attempts, some were very close on succeeding, some have, and the real life tyrants and leaders had way more sophisticated security measures then Negans street thugs.

    I’m thinking along the same lines as you, Dwight might possibly team up with Daryl to overthrow Negan, maybe Dwight has some others on his side?!?!? Sherry in on it too? If there is a plot, I would say she would be in on it.

    I think killing Gorden was a mercy killing, while also covering his own ass with Negan by bringing him back as a walker.

    BTW, that was a completely different motorcycle, it wasn’t Daryls.

    Gotta say, I’m starting to like Jerry/King Ezekiel, seems like a normal guy (not fully on board with the tiger crap though, still a wild animal, Siegfried and Roy learned the hard way and they kept their tigers caged and hand many helpers handle them all the time.) as do most of the rest (that we;ve seen) people. Smart the way they ‘play the game’ paying Negan while looking for an opportunity/allies to fight him. Also like the way they feed walkers to the pigs, nice touch. Probably not doing much, remember Jennings (Jenner?) told Rick every one is infected. Anyhow, still a nice “ha ha FU”, like spitting on some ones food at a restaurant.
    Speaking of ‘playing the game’, I think Daryl is kinda dumb for not doing it. In that situation I sure would, gain Negans confidence like Dwight had…get a feel for the operations a while, plain things out then at the right time fuck up Negan.

    Also like to know, whats stopping Alexandria (or any other community) from ambushing Negan and his thugs when they are out on the road, or knocking on their gates?!?!?!? In the previews they show Michonne with a scoped rifle but getting pissed she has to stand down, we also see Negan standing out in the open knocking on their front gate. Alexandria easily coulda had people hiding in the woods along the road, a sniper in a blind somewhere and POW, no more Negan, rat-a-tat-tat, wipe out most of the thugs if not all of them. Once the leader is dead what are the rest going to do? Fall apart with no direction. They’ll either keep fighting rather poorly, or, as I mentioned earlier, be relieved they no longer have to serve this tyrannical master and make peace.
    But oops, that would make sense and end the Negan story line in an episode, the writers would have to find another story line to drag out thru waaayyyy to many episodes.

    • oxxo910 says:

      I’ve been pretty much spoiling myself with reading the Walking Dead wikia and some other stuff. The whole Negan thing will play out over at least this season. Dwight is also fairly involved in the comics, so last episode was setting up that. I think for story’s sake, they are going to make one of the main characters (Rick/Dwight etc) take care of Negan. Next episode will be interesting because that will be the first time Negan comes to Alexandria. In the comic, he shows up 2-3 days early. If they are smart (and I think they are) they will have hidden a lot of their supplies & guns (which is what I think Michonne was doing when she was taking the guns in the preview).
      The main reason I think they don’t do anything is because of Daryl. They know if they snipe Negan Daryrl is probably dead.
      All I will say is: have some patience with this season, there is a whole lot I would love to say but I don’t want to spoil things. Going to be a good first and second half I believe. Thanks for the detailed comment!

      • other Jeff says:

        Maybe, maybe not (killing Negan gets Daryl killed). If they kill him and all he brought with, then clean up and hide the evidence and play like they were never there when the next group pf Saviors shop up. “Gee, your the first Saviors to visit us, we never saw Negan, maybe something happened to them? Gosh thats a shame.” Or again, with Negan gone the rest might feel free for the first time and make peace, or at the very least be a disorganized mess.
        I’m already half out the door mainly due to this Negan character and how he has this magic spell over everyone else, in a real post apocalyptic world, he woulda been dead long ago, and to lesser degrees

        I purposely dont follow the comic, makes no sense, all it does is a) make you watch the TV version comparing and anticipating it to follow the comic, and b) spoils the show knowing what coming. If you know whats coming or close enough to it, whats the point?!?!

      • oxxo910 says:

        I hear you on the comic thing. I check things out to see how they have differed and to some extent, see what could be coming ahead. So far, I have liked every decision the TV show has made vs the comic, so that should be something positive. In the comic, Abraham got shot with the crossbow, so he got to live a little longer in the TV show. I wish they just killed Glenn. I know it lead to the thing with Daryl, but they could have made him swing on Negan before he killed him.
        I can’t say how they will handle Negan, because frankly, I don’t think they will follow the comic with him. Maybe they will. There is one piece of foreshadowing that says they will. Maybe I will write a spoiler post on it. This coming episode should be a good one. Thanks again for commenting!

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