Bears could win 6 of their last 8 games

There is no playoff run for the Bears, barring something catastrophic, but I see 6 of the Bears next opponents as very beatable. 4 of those contests will be at home.

This is not necessarily a good thing, nor was Monday night’s win vs the Minnesota Vikings. This is how Bears’ seasons tend to go though. Especially when they are set up for a top 5 draft pick. I will say the win was very satisfying though from start to finish–even Jay Cutler’s solid performance.

After their Bye week, the Bears travel to Tampa Bay and New York, then come home for the Titans and 49ers. None of those teams scream playoff contender to me. They all have issues on both sides of the ball.

The Bears then travel to Detroit, which should be a tougher match-up, but it’s the Lions. If they stay healthy, they should be able to take care of business. The Packers and Redskins come to town after that. I think the Packers will win that contest. I can see the Bears beating the Redskins before going up to Minnesota to face the Vikings on January 1st, to end the season. That game could be a loss, unless the Vikings completely unravel by then. They are currently on a 3 week losing streak after having started out 5-0.

Amazingly, that would leave the Bears at the mediocrity line–8-8. Considering their strength of schedule, that would underscore what a wasted season this was. On the surface, it would save any real changes from being made. Monday night’s win possibly took some of the heat off head coach John Fox.

This would leave the Bears drafting in the middle of the pack yet again, instead of near the top of every round–where they are now. Nobody likes losing. The players don’t, the management surely doesn’t, and neither do most fans–but, it would put the team in the best position to build for 2017 and beyond.



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