The Clip: Featuring The Crow

One of the first movies adapted from comic books that not only was done well, but did well at the box office. The 1994 hit movie, The Crow staring Brandon Lee, was an action packed hit, filled with a great soundtrack. Let’s check it out! (some of the clips may be NSFW)

Unfortunately, Brandon Lee’s finest performance was also his last. He died as mysteriously as his father, Bruce Lee.

The soundtrack spawned many hits including one of my favorites from Stone Temple Pilots–Big Empty. The song was originally only on the movie soundtrack, and the video contained clips from the movie.

The scene below is in the beginning of the movie after Eric (Brandon Lee) is newly risen by “the Crow”. If features a classic song from the Cure–Burn.

After paying a visit to the pawn shop owner, Gideon, Eric decides to exact a little bit of revenge.

The song, Burn by The Cure, from the official motion picture soundtrack.

If you have never seen the movie, I highly suggest you check it out. That’s it for this week’s edition. The Clip will be back next Saturday!


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