Walking Dead Weekly

Last night’s episode, Service was another great one this season. I think season 7 is turning out to one of, if not the best in The Walking Dead’s history. Negan definitely turned up the intensity, largely due to Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s strong performances. Before we go further,

*****Spoiler Alert*****

Michonne is a bad shot: We see Michonne sneak off with a bag of guns. I thought she was going to hide them, but she climbs up on a burned out vehicle and sets her sights on a walker. 9 shots later, she climbs down and slices it’s face off. Whelp. Hey, I’d love to be able to ride a skateboard but that’s just not in the cards either.

Little pig, little pig: Rosita, Spencer, and Eugene are discussing things as Negan and his crew rolls up on Alexandria a few days early. I love Negan but at this point, his gyrating, and emphasizing every. Word. Like. It’s. The. Very. Best. Word. Is kind of getting old. I know I said JDM is the reason Negan is what’s making the season so special, but it has diminishing returns too.

Accidentally on purpose: Michonne sees she accidentally hit and killed a deer while she was taking target practice. The symbolism was not lost on me. Bottom line: Sometimes when you have the best intentions an innocent life is lost. On the other hand, dinner.

Gabriel is the new Carol? The scene where Morgan “sneaks up” on Negan and Rick was particularly hilarious. Gabriel keeps calm and asks him if he wants to pay his respects to Maggie–who Negan was asking about. It was a really shrewd move. The thing I liked most was that he played up his character of being a docile man of faith. Very Carolesque. Remember this moment. Negan would never see it coming.

Temper your temper: Carl foolishly shot his weapon which has real consequences. What was he thinking? I like his bravery but what did he think was going to happen? Negan killed Glenn simply because Daryl punched him. Lucky for Carl Negan likes him.

All the guns? Not all the guns! This bothered me a lot. I know the Saviors came early, but seriously, you didn’t think to hide weapons? They did it before they entered Terminus. They had full advanced notice that Negan wanted half their shit (even though half is sometimes all). So why not stash a few big guns. Especially the RPG! I know they are probably setting up for something else, and may not even need guns to take Negan out. Still, it would of made sense. Now they are totally back to square one. They literally lost 6 seasons worth of guns.

2 are missing: Negan throws a fit over 2 missing guns from the inventory. He threatens Olivia, and is about to kill her when–they break for commercial. The next thing we see is Rick tearing apart Deanna/Spencer’s house. Father Gabriel takes this time to proclaim his faith in Rick. I thought that was particulalrly cool. Never thought Gabriel would not only be one of Rick’s allies, but also maybe restore his faith. I guess it’s fitting.

Add one, and a deer: Rick sees Michonne come back and almost has a nervous breakdown. He then goes to where she was watching Negan prepare to leave. Rick gets her to give up her rifle. He hands it over to Negan who gets all happy that Rick is “on board”. Not happy enough to let Daryl stay, but pleased as punch.

Speechless: Rick asked if Daryl could stay and Negan shot it down, but then said if Daryl could plead his case, he would listen. Of course Daryl just stood there will his blank stare, and that was the end of it.

Spencer is not on board: After Negan leaves Rick tells Spencer that he had to go through his house to find the guns. Spencer was none too pleased and voiced his displeasure in Rick. He even tossed Abraham and Glenn’s deaths in his face. Without turning around Rick told him the next time he said something like that Rick would bust his jaw and break his teeth. Remember this moment too. If it follows the comic, it will lead to some high drama.

Or did she? Michonne goes out the next day, carrying a bag–the same bag she had before. I totally forgot she had a bag before she took the sniper’s rifle out of the fireplace and put it into–a bag. Good girl. So, they at least have one rifle. She then stumbles on a pile of mattresses that were smoldering. The same ones Negan and his crew took. She was not happy.

Make me a bullet: The very last scene we see is someone picking up a spent bullet casing. Turns out to be Rosita as she knocks on Eugene’s door and asks him to make her a bullet. This is pretty profound. I assume she will try to take out Negan with one shot. Something tells me it’s a good way to get her–or someone else killed.

Silver lining: One of the only positives to come out of last night’s episode is that Heath and Tara didn’t roll in when Negan and his crew were loading up most of Alexandria’s supplies. When Spencer and Rosita came back, I thought the van was Heath and Tara. I was totally releieved when it wasn’t. That would have sucked. At least there is a small chance that they got some good supplies.

Something interesting: Negan vows if they don’t find something interesting for him the next time he comes, someone will die. This might accelerate the timeline for a Negan confrontation. I think a couple of things will happen before that though. At some point, Morgan and/or Carol will come back and introduce the Kingdom to Rick and Alexandria. There are a couple things I know from the comic, so I will shut up.

Almost forgot: The fact that Dwight asked for, and obtained Daryl’s bike has some meaning. As he took possession of it, D looks back to Daryl and says, “You can have it back, just say the words”. Daryl says nothing and Dwight happily scoots off on it. Could be for Daryl to eventually take it back as he escapes. Daryl is a total wildcard with this whole Negan thing because he is simply not around in the comic. Neither is Carol–at this point.

Questions: What will the group come up with to keep Negan from killing one of them? We know from the Hilltop that Negan doesn’t stay happy very long. We also know Alexandria has very little left after the Savior’s raid. I don’t think Eugene’s portable music player will cut it. Will someone die next visit, or will Heath and Tara have something worthy?

How long until there is a full-on mutiny with the residents of Alexandria? We saw there was almost one when Deanna was still alive. Spencer was the one that squashed it. However, it seems like Spencer is not really happy with how Rick has been leading them. Tensions are mounting.

Will Morgan and/or Carol come back soon? Seems like it might be time for them to.

What will Rosita do with her bullet? The obvious choice seems like it might be meant for Negan. Will she succeed or will it lead to her demise?

Daryl Dixon: Is he broken or quietly plotting his escape? Now that Dwight got his bike back, it might be time to mobilize. Personally, I would love to see a knockdown, drag-out fight between Negan and Daryl. That didn’t happen in the comics though (for obvious reasons–Daryl wasn’t there).

How is Maggie? Last time we saw her she was in stable condition, but before that, it was her condition that lead to the group getting captured as they tried to make their way to Hilltop.

Zombie kill of the week: Wasn’t much to pick from. Negan with Lucile was, meh at best. His later kill was more impressive. Rosita had a nice string of kills, but it’s Rosita. Shoving the one walker into a tree branch was pretty decent. Not sure it would hold up in a more walker-intense episode though. Hopefully we will get some more interesting walker kills now that the group has 1-2 guns.



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