1st and 5

Week 11 is here and there is more football behind us now than in front of us. Regular season at least. These are the lean weeks. Still, there are players out there. Let’s see.

QB: Brock Osweiler, Broncos- Look, it’s week 11. Ain’t no pro bowlers out there. Nothing but chumps. This chump is playing the Raiders, who are giving up all kinds of points to QBs. If that doesn’t float your boat, there is Ryan Tannehill or Alex Smith.

RB: CJ Prosise, Seahawks- You thought QBs were bad? Running backs are the Halloween candy 3-4 days after the holiday. Yeah. Generic peanut butter things. You know the ones that get stuck in your teeth. Prosise has been getting more involved in the offense. Could be worth your while.

WR: Michael Floyd, Cardinals- If Floyd was dropped in your league for under-performing, you might want to take another look at him. If he gets right, he will be a welcomed addition to Palmer, and thusly, your fantasy roster. Keep an eye on Taje Sharp, Titans- I have been waiting for this guy to break out all year. His QB Marcus Mariota has his passing game at his highest level.

TE: Cameron Brate, Buccaneers- I have probably recommended him 2-3 times now. He’s a solid weapon in Tampa’s offense. Probably the #2 target only behind Mike Evans.

D/ST: If for some reason there is a good D/ST available (Chiefs/Texans) grab it. Otherwise you might want to “stream” defenses at this point. Simply pick up a crappy D/ST that has a good matchup and hope for the best. Sometimes it even works out! The Lions have a good matchup vs the Jaguars. Steelers are at home vs the Browns, and the Titans are at Indianapolis.

That’s it folks. Good luck. See you next week!

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8 Responses to 1st and 5

  1. repgrind says:

    Sad state of my team – Brate is outscoring all but one of my receivers every week.

      • repgrind says:

        Yet somehow, I am 5-5. Ha!

      • oxxo910 says:

        Sounds like my teams. I get lucky with other teams not scoring against me. Not all the time, but year in and year out, I am usually at the bottom of Points Against. I tend to dip into the waiver wire heavily, and sometimes that is a bad thing. My drafted QBs were Cousins, and Prescott. I picked Matt Ryan up after week 2, and eventually Mariota. 2 of my better moves. Also grabbed Crabtree early in the season. This made up for taking Bell and Dez Bryant with my first 2 picks. They are finally coming around I think.

      • repgrind says:

        At least your first two picks weren’t Adrian Peterson and Keenan Allen … *sob*

      • oxxo910 says:

        Ouch. I would have went with Peterson if I could have. I did like Elliott based on his playoff matchups though. If I had the 3rd pick it would have been tough. I like Allen a lot but did not have him ranked in the top 5-6 WRs. I thought the Chargers offense was going to be really explosive this year. It’s odd that their WRs cannot stay healthy. Even Benjamin is struggling. Not sure what they are doing down there. If Crowder is available in your league, go pick him up. I think he will be lights out the rest of the way.

      • repgrind says:

        He’s not. I’m stuck picking up Cardinals and trying to decipher which one might play the best on a given week. Although with my backs healthy now and byes done, it may not be an issue.

      • oxxo910 says:

        How about Taje Sharpe or Rishard Matthews from the Titans?

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